Convincing Strangers at Airport to Fly Somewhere Else with us...

  • Published on:  Sunday, November 18, 2018
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    Now for this episode... A few weeks ago we received a comment from somebody challenging us to convince a stranger at an airport to travel somewhere different with us... I told Ammar and for the fastest and craziest turnaround to date... We decided to go for it right away. But we never expected that it would be this hard to achieve...

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    Hosts: Thomas Brag, Ammar Kandil, Matt Dajer
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  • Yes Theory

    Yes Theory

     a years ago +7919

    The Yes Theory family has been growing! Thank you all for being so freaking awesome. Couldn't be more stoked to be building this community all together. Hope you all have an amazing day

  • Julie Ena

    Julie Ena

     11 minutes ago

    4:07 that’s hardin fcking scott bish

  • snazzyusername 101

    snazzyusername 101

     8 hours ago

    Dating a puppy.

  • Natalye Hill

    Natalye Hill

     10 hours ago


  • Halle Mccormick

    Halle Mccormick

     11 hours ago

    U asked my brother 😲

  • QueenSally


     12 hours ago

    Is the guy at 4:10 the actor from AFTER the movie ?

  • Mohammad H.

    Mohammad H.

     20 hours ago

    I kid you not, this video has just inspired me to visit Hawaii next.

  • Danielle Cadiong

    Danielle Cadiong

     22 hours ago

    Seeing the passengers 'oh my gosh' faces, where they can't believe it is a yes!

  • Danielle Cadiong

    Danielle Cadiong

     22 hours ago

    When a joke turns into reality. He was so flustered at his friend's response that he kept asking. "Wait, it's a 9pm on a Monday night"
    "Let's go man"

  • tyler rokosz

    tyler rokosz

     23 hours ago

    Anyone else see Hero Fiennes-Tiffin 4:08


  • Angel Sagastume

    Angel Sagastume


    Imagine having the time and then the money to travel...

  • sls random 10

    sls random 10


    I just love you and every thing you do

  • VaginaJokes



    Help me escape! A one way will do!
    You guys are awesome!

  • Danielle Moses

    Danielle Moses


    omg!! you guys are the best!!! love the dog sitting, adorable!!!

  • Therese Kronborg

    Therese Kronborg


    Wtf the fact that they just tried to get Hero Fiennes-Tiffin to go with them... What are the legit chances that they meet him? That would have been an awesome video tho...

  • Ali Young

    Ali Young


    I wish my dad was that cool

  • Russell James

    Russell James


    How I wish someone give me a travel like this, even just a domestic flight here in the Philippines huhu.

  • harish thak

    harish thak


    You guys are awesome✌✌. ❤From India.

  • Lvcky


     2 days ago

    damn stuff like this makes me so happy, big respect for doing things like this

  • A.G Vlogs

    A.G Vlogs

     2 days ago

    You should have bought them flights to Alaska