Destroying My Friend's Car And Surprising Him With A New One

  • Published on:  Saturday, August 10, 2019
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  • MrBeast


     7 days ago +57349

    subscribe or you'll have bad luck for a year!

  • W4rlock


     6 days ago +3703

    Imagine Mr.Beast in 2050. Destroying the EARTH and buying new one
    Thanks for likes btw

  • My Dude

    My Dude

     2 days ago +1177

    You should have filled chandlers car with pickles

  • luvlucid


     2 days ago +957

    Who else just wanted them to drop it instead of slowly lifting it on it

  • Potato Peep

    Potato Peep

     2 days ago +420

    Marcus: Nah they just destroyed my car so i can get a new one
    His mom: Ok

  • Sandi Dalton

    Sandi Dalton

     2 days ago +195

    "I AM ON VACATION DO YOU KNOW WHAT THAT MEANS?" that mom has seen some things.

  • Humbly


     7 days ago +16715

    MrBeast can you go to the hospital and pay for someones medical bills

  • Thrishen Pillay

    Thrishen Pillay

     2 days ago +265

    So how did you end up with all of their keys? EXPLAIN

  • Lia Bening

    Lia Bening

     2 days ago +377

    MrBeast 2019: Destroying My friend Car and suprising him with a new one
    MrBeast 2050: Destroying Earth and buying a new one

  • AntiMatter Keter

    AntiMatter Keter

     2 days ago +59

    Jakes reaction when he gets the small hammer XD

  • Humble 52

    Humble 52

     yesterday +65

    Mr beast's friend: How many cars do you want to Destroy?
    Mr Beast: Yes

  • Egg wih 25000 subscribers

    Egg wih 25000 subscribers

     7 days ago +2518

    Finally, an idea Morgz can’t copy because he doesn’t have friends

  • Haley Streeter

    Haley Streeter

     2 days ago +33

    Chris: I love you
    Chris:he didn't say I love you
    Me: 😂😂😂😂

  • Under cover Bulldog

    Under cover Bulldog

     yesterday +47

    I laughed when Chris said "Why is mine filled with balls, are you trying to say something?!" Hahahahahahahahahah Lysm mr beast xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Kr1st0f1us


     2 days ago +24

    Mr.beast: I smashed my friend's car with a meteor
    Morgz: I smashed my mom with a meteor

  • Critical Gaming

    Critical Gaming

     yesterday +18

    ITS MY BIRTHDAY! I'm staying home

  • Antônia Gomes

    Antônia Gomes

     6 days ago +3442

    Mr beast is one of those YouTubers who does what it actually says in the title.

  • Egg with 12000 Subscribers

    Egg with 12000 Subscribers

     2 days ago +48

    MrBeast 2019: destroying my friends car and surprizing him with a new one
    MrBeast 2029: destroying the ocean and surprising humanity with a new one

  • MøstAmazingPersønAsHeIsABøss


     yesterday +8

    destroying my planet and buying a new one for sextillon 10 dollar bills

  • clara sh

    clara sh

     yesterday +26

    You can come over and destroy my nonexistent car anytime u want if you get me a new one after it.