24 Hours Pregnant as a Mermaid with Sofie Dossi! (Worst Pregnancy Challenge) | Rebecca Zamolo

  • Published on:  Friday, November 8, 2019
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    Rebecca Zamolo and Sofie Dossi did a 24 hour pregnancy challenge as mermaids in real life to get her fingerprints!

    After Rebecca Zamolo FOUND Wild SKUNK in our House! (24 Hour GMI Hacker Prank) and Matt and Rebecca posted LAST TO STOP MOVING in ROBLOX WINS to Rescue GAME MASTER in Real Life and were told to get the target fingerprints for the remote. Today, Rebecca collaborates with contortionist Sofie Dossi in a fun challenge spending 24 hours pregnant as mermaids. The Game Master incorporated sent Sofie a mystery box with gloves to keep her safe and she doesn't want to remove them. Could this be prank wars after we duck taped them to the wall for 24hrs. The girls try awkward yoga poses for TikTok while in mermaid tails which turns into a fail. Upstairs on the roof we try not to fall in a giant bounce house but Sofie still won’t reveal her fingerprints. Matt and Rebecca try to trick Sofie by eating ice cream. This challenge is becoming the worst! The Game Master said he'll help keep us safe but he's missing. We finally get to the beach and ask her to take a selfie for Instagram. . She removes her gloves and we finally get the fingerprints!
    Thanks for watching my PG entertainment mystery vlog videos in 2019!

    Sofie Dossi’s channel https://www.youtuclip.com/user/SofieDossi
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