Reptile House Tour! (Part 2!)

  • Published on:  Friday, March 1, 2019
  • Meet Nearly Headless Nick (our blind garter snake), our reticulated pythons, boa constrictor, false water cobras, alligator, green tree pythons, and more in this video! Plus, meet a reptile of ours that's NEVER been shown on the channel before!

    Music Videos:
    Rex & Doug:
    The Retics and Doug are in the music video Serpent by Buried above Ground, However, it is slightly NSFW so I am not linking it here. You can find it on Youtube though.



    Music by BenSound and YouTube studio library.
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  • Jorjay Hoelscher

    Jorjay Hoelscher

     15 hours ago

    that snake is as old as me

  • Blue Blaze

    Blue Blaze

     16 hours ago

    MURDOC!!!!! NOODLE!!!!!!!! WHAT NEXT 2D? RUSSEL? ACE? DEL? omg you made my dayyyyyy i love you!!!!!!!! gorillaz intensified !

  • Emme Harrell

    Emme Harrell

     20 hours ago

    * Touches snapping turtles head *
    Turtle: :V

  • Ryan Straws

    Ryan Straws


    9 days before my b day you bet me rex

  • Dontrell Durant

    Dontrell Durant


    She’s married? Nooooooooooooo

  • Tiffany Knapp

    Tiffany Knapp

     2 days ago

    Poor rex. Why would they keep him in a box so small it deformed him. That's crazy and just sad

  • Cheyenne Kingbird

    Cheyenne Kingbird

     2 days ago

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY REX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Naminukas Nukas

    Naminukas Nukas

     2 days ago

    on the tank it says dumb salamander wont morph

  • Brandon Knight

    Brandon Knight

     2 days ago

    Happy birthday REX

  • 小夫


     3 days ago

    I tell my girl our house is going to be like this in the future. Then I can see the horror through her eyes.

  • springfoxyki123 eclipse gatcha

    springfoxyki123 eclipse gatcha

     3 days ago

    you have so many pets..

  • That trailer Trash

    That trailer Trash

     3 days ago

    Happy birthday Rex

  • Jason Clearkin

    Jason Clearkin

     3 days ago

    hi i love tmore monitors i would love to chat maybe talk price if your willing to sell one i will cover shipping and cost of the animal i love reptiles always sence a kid i have 2 garter snakes male n female 1 ball python named tyson golden gecko named jackson 1 iquana and a cuban anole 7326182224 my name is jason please call me when u can

  • Kazunii


     3 days ago

    'Dumb salamander that wont morph'

  • Yankeesandy 25

    Yankeesandy 25

     3 days ago

    Snake. Discovery she was taken from the wilds 1988 if she is 32 years old

  • Elizabeth Schinkel

    Elizabeth Schinkel

     4 days ago

    Happy b-day rex

  • Effeffia Gonalick

    Effeffia Gonalick

     4 days ago

    Good for you, little salamander. Growing up is optional.

  • Sara MMA

    Sara MMA

     4 days ago

    hey! I started watching your videos some time ago, I found it interesting to watch the birth of snakes I found it cute.

    A suggestion if rabbits are killed to feed or not to snake or die due to natural causes .. one thing is certain the snake needs to be fed and every human has to understand that this is a life cycle. If a rabbit had to die to be fed, it has to be.

  • Lydia McNeil

    Lydia McNeil

     4 days ago

    Please do a Timor Monitor video!



     4 days ago

    hey i live in wisconsin