Hugging Another Dog Too Long | Jealous Dog Reaction

  • Published on:  Tuesday, August 13, 2019
  • Hugging Another Dog Too Long | Jealous Dog Reaction

    We had Tucker's friend Riley over for the week and Tucker just could not handle it whenever we showed Riley any attention. This is how he reacts when I give Riley a hug!

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  • Maddy me you Love

    Maddy me you Love

     44 minutes ago

    your sooo pretty

  • Basti


     5 hours ago

    0:45 dat Ass!! 😜🤩

  • Inspiration Unlimited Ltd

    Inspiration Unlimited Ltd

     5 hours ago

    Coolness doesn’t fight. He knows she’ll be back.

  • Daniel Borrie

    Daniel Borrie

     7 hours ago

    311 3 3 11 311 3 3 11!!!!!!!

  • Andrew le

    Andrew le

     11 hours ago

    Linda Broke Tucker’s Promise

  • One Million Subs With No Videos

    One Million Subs With No Videos

     11 hours ago

    Could... I get a hug??

  • Terri Wang

    Terri Wang

     12 hours ago

    Everybody is saying how the dogs are, but not how beautiful Linda is! dUdE wHy-

  • kgolagano matlapeng

    kgolagano matlapeng

     21 hours ago

    Linda is cute. But damn Tucker is so much cuter

  • Syndel Barreto

    Syndel Barreto

     2 days ago

    Linda you lucky gal 😍❤️

  • Cinare Bayramova

    Cinare Bayramova

     2 days ago

    They both are beautiful 😊

  • James Bernard

    James Bernard

     3 days ago

    These kind of women are just so sad. They can’t get a real man or get along with one, so they overcompensate by spending all their time with dogs. Really sad, this will not end well (Spinster or a dog version of a cat lady). Go get a man and get a real life.

  • Piccohoe


     3 days ago

    How do you tell who's who

  • Deadstar TrXXX

    Deadstar TrXXX

     3 days ago

    The girl it's fine asf 😍🤤

  • A Random person

    A Random person

     4 days ago

    Riley: Hekk u
    Tucker: wHaT u SaY ?!

  • William Lattimore

    William Lattimore

     6 days ago

    Open and close vid then open again so you dont ever have to watch the ads

  • Sweet Drakosha

    Sweet Drakosha

     6 days ago

    Dis is So sweet aww😂😭😍❤😆😆

  • james Gand

    james Gand

     7 days ago

    Step 1: Get a cute dog
    Step 2: Create a fun scenario
    Step 3: Film in HD
    Step 4: Profit

  • Kai Carter

    Kai Carter

     7 days ago +1

    I wish i had a beautiful hooman like tucker's owner.

  • Allen Wang

    Allen Wang

     7 days ago +1

    let go the poor dogs, do it to me.



     7 days ago

    How dare you Linda!! :) cute Dog :)