Police Mistake Bird Poop For Cocaine And Arrest Quarterback

  • Published on:  Monday, August 12, 2019
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  • Source: https://youtu.be/2JJtd1k0yu4


  • theignoranceizfree


     5 days ago +1942

    Well if they can mistake NOTHING for a gun...

  • Lawrence


     5 days ago +282

    Anything to give a black man a criminal record.

  • Brianah Culver

    Brianah Culver

     5 days ago +190

    Well if the couldn’t tell coke from bird poop then who knows if that boy was really speeding.

  • Christopher


     5 days ago +135

    This ain't no mistake - they should be fired.

  • Karl HK

    Karl HK

     5 days ago +296

    Corey Holcomb made an excellent point about incidents like this. Cops should be tested for drugs, how many cops out there are on something??

  • Jazzie J

    Jazzie J

     5 days ago +1070

    I’m with Envy. The speeding ticket shoulda been dropped for the inconvenience

  • Kim McBrayer

    Kim McBrayer

     4 days ago +53

    Cops truely are some thing else. Its getting borderline terroristic in their actions.

  • Zone1Legend


     5 days ago +45

    All my dumb young years.... I was hustling backwards. All I needed was a bird... literally

  • Steven Tilmon

    Steven Tilmon

     5 days ago +44

    ...if the coke wasn't wet & in a splatter pattern, like bird poop is when it's dropped on a flat surface, like a car hood, & it was in powder form, wouldn't it blow off once the car's moving??? 🤔 ...jus sayin'.

  • unknownbillionaire


     5 days ago +39

    This was practice of a well known old school law of IM WHITE & I SAY SO

  • Anthony Bennett

    Anthony Bennett

     5 days ago +816

    Sounds about white

  • laura maguire

    laura maguire

     4 days ago +10

    A lie goes all round the world earlier than the reality is even inserting on its shoes. two That was once an magnificent quote, so true. Lot of questions about these take a look at kits. Remember the couple arrested at some stage in a site visitors give up due to the fact blue cotton sweet examined tremendous as meth.

  • Stephan.mp3


     5 days ago +21

    Or maybe the drug tests that they're using are inaccurate and designed to lock us up.

  • EgoCrush


     5 days ago +24

    It may be a false positive. Nonetheless I would sue the cop the department and the drug test kit company.

  • Alisha Joe

    Alisha Joe

     5 days ago +9

    HOW TF would cocaine even stay on the HOOD of a "speeding" car?? It's powdery isn't it?? It would've flown off.

  • Nathaniel Turner

    Nathaniel Turner

     5 days ago +243

    Those field test are highly inaccurate. Why are police still using them?

  • E Laurole

    E Laurole

     5 days ago +15

    Now he has a record...even though your proved as innocent... Employers are still gonna see this..and it's hard enough just being black in this country trying to get high level jobs.

  • Die Hard Napkins Gaming

    Die Hard Napkins Gaming

     5 days ago +17

    They thought someone was driving around with cocaine on their hood? Wtf?? Smh 🤦🏾‍♂️

  • Alex Keith

    Alex Keith

     5 days ago +8

    Everything looks like coke once you run out. Whoooo powerful drug

  • Val R

    Val R

     5 days ago +26

    Any idiot can be a police officer. It’s scary how much power these fools have. We need to be more selective.