Joe Rogan Experience #1330 - Bernie Sanders

  • Published on:  Tuesday, August 6, 2019
  • Bernie Sanders is a 2020 Presidential Candidate of the Democratic Party and is currently serving as the U.S. Senator of Vermont.
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  • Shaunessy


     4 minutes ago

    I love that at 48:14 Joe challenges Bernie about smoking. When Bernie was a kid pot was trash, but in 2019 I bet it would rock his world. I was born in 1979 and in my teen years the only good pot we got was from my buddy whose dad grew it. This was mid 1990s, now in 2019 I got a sister that grows shit that wrecks your face after one hit. Oh how times have changed.

  • Yanggang 2020

    Yanggang 2020

     10 minutes ago

    Raising Minimum wage has NEVER EVER EVER worked! It’s time to try a new approach. Maybe 1,000 a month to every US citizen won’t work, but y keep trying things that have been proven to not work and not try things that we haven’t yet.

  • Tbone Lemons

    Tbone Lemons

     an hour ago

    Bear arms was written with single round rifles in mind.

  • NuttyYT Official

    NuttyYT Official

     2 hours ago

    Bernie seems like he really cares about people but his ideas are terrible. Socialism will never come to America. Socialism looks good on paper but in reality it never works and plummets a country into shit.

  • Franklin Williamson

    Franklin Williamson

     2 hours ago

    Regarding healthcare, if we’re somewhat paralyzed by big pharma, insurance etc then why not beat them at their own game. Start by fixing the poisonous food we’re sold causing severe health issues. If education is the key then start teaching “real” financial education, foreign languages etc very early on, as early as pre-K. Taxes??? where are the federal taxes being paid actually going anyway? How are the bottom line numbers figured in that equation? How & why is the debt being created? Lastly, climate change is also known as climate “control” ... he who controls the weather controls the world. Just making inquiries for dialogue and truly interested in what lies ahead.

  • Read between the lines

    Read between the lines

     3 hours ago +1

    I dont see him any differently as before the Ideas are still radically socialist, he just has more time to dress it up better and the media isn't twisting his words making him sound like a lunatic, his Ideas sound great in principle but you won't like the execution I promise

  • christy contois

    christy contois

     6 hours ago +1

    you put this communist on your show this guy is a phony what you need to do is get Donald Trump on your show

  • Jaywon Lee

    Jaywon Lee

     6 hours ago

    Too old to understand radical societal change of 4th industrial revolution. Let's go Yang Gang 2020.

  • Salu omnidentidade

    Salu omnidentidade

     8 hours ago


  • Onepiece barca

    Onepiece barca

     9 hours ago +1

    I want Yang to win, but he won't.
    One of the old guys will win and then after that people will be do fed up and so done with old geezers that they will elect the youngest president ever in history, and that's the granddaughter of Martin Luther king. Mark my words

  • Stuff


     9 hours ago

    Bernie is right about everything accept on the CO2 issue and that after pearl harbor the US was fighting China.

  • Hambone


     12 hours ago

    Please become our president.

  • William Argabrite

    William Argabrite

     12 hours ago

    Confirmed Bernie has no idea what he's talking about and is not capable of being president!

  • jamie cumbee

    jamie cumbee

     14 hours ago +5

    After hearing this I might vote for Bernie Sanders

  • john Vegard Leinslie

    john Vegard Leinslie

     19 hours ago

  • Jaywon Lee

    Jaywon Lee

     20 hours ago

    I dont trust him. He would be way better than Trump Maybe. Looks like he wants be a president for himself because at the end he talks like politician. He never uses exact data and reasoning when he talks. You can explain health care system in 45 sec if you are smart Enough.

  • Rocky


     22 hours ago

    If climate change is so real why did the Obama's buy a beach front property that cost them over 8 million? Answer that libtards.

    Edit: the beach front estate is valued at 15 million.

  • Aggie 2021

    Aggie 2021


    There shouldnt be a corporate income tax corps are made up of individuals who already pay income tax and then if you make them pay capital gains tax too youre bleeding them of their well earned revenue and there is no such thing as the scrooge mcduck many people picture nobody just sits on their cash the richest of the rich reinvest it thats why theyre rich by taxing business more you make it less profitable and disincentive investment which affects the little guy who cant get a job and if you provide a social net for those people you only increase your expenses and if you increase taxes to cover it it will only exacerbate the issue the rich can move their money to foreign markets the poor cant easily pickup and move to another country call it greedy but its just common sense

  • Aggie 2021

    Aggie 2021


    Lol isnt it funny to see political candidates waiver between being moderate and radical to pander to audiences

  • Aggie 2021

    Aggie 2021


    Maybe by making people pay for their own college it prevents worthless and needless degrees from becoming too numerous and makes people reevaluate how much they really value their education capitalism rewards value and before you argue about teachers its actually not that hard to become a teacher yes its important doesnt mean it has a high value when you put it relative to the amount of people able to do the job