Joe Rogan Experience #1330 - Bernie Sanders



  • Colby Walker

    Colby Walker

     3 days ago +3369

    "A society grows great when old men plant trees whose shade they know they shall never sit in."

  • Matthew Blum

    Matthew Blum

     yesterday +810

    He got a lot more exposure here in 1 hour than he got on MSNBC for all of 2016.

  • Noel Connors

    Noel Connors

     yesterday +249

    Going on rogans podcast was the best thing he could’ve done lol

  • Coronado Bros

    Coronado Bros

     yesterday +187

    Lol, my grandfather buys his eyedrops from a canadian company and has them shipped to his house in America because it saves him alot of money.

  • Borb_on_an_Orb


     yesterday +212

    i have to admit, from listening to everything ive heard about bernie, and now actually listening to him, i have a very different opinion about him. Still disagree with some stuff but wow the MSM sucks



     2 days ago +576

    I thought Bernie was a far left radical but when Joe interviews him, Bernie doesn't sound very radical at all. Most of his ideas seem really common sense. This is why Joe Rogan has so many fans, why long-form podcasts are so valuable, and why CNN, MSNBC, and Fox are in big trouble.

  • GasMaskedGaming


     yesterday +231

    I've known this Bernie since 2016. Everyone's acting like his well-mannered wisdom in this podcast is something new, but he's been this way his entire life. I guess it's better late than never, that people are finally waking up.

  • Jeremy Pryce

    Jeremy Pryce

     2 days ago +664

    Thanks for providing an unedited platform for Bernie to authentically express himself.

  • fearbabyriffs


     yesterday +141

    I fell for that Reagan/Bush/Clinton pro corporate trickle down nonsense. It was a massive failure for working people. Please don't fall for it. Bernie isn't going to benefit from these ideas, but you & your family will.

  • John Limberger

    John Limberger

     yesterday +286

    Okay, the media had be fooled. You have my vote!

  • lordhoho1


     2 days ago +866

    I have to disagree with Bernie on the cost of heart surgery in Canada. I had major heart surgery and it cost me $24.00. This covered the cost of renting a tv for my stay so there!

  • A Ql

    A Ql

     yesterday +283

    Sign the petition for joe rogan to moderate the presidential debates its at 100k right now.

  • Jack Xiao

    Jack Xiao

     yesterday +348

    I will vote for whoever can ban lobbying as their first and second priority. It's ridiculous, how the government is openly bribed.

  • stuart


     yesterday +200

    Reading these comments is amazing. And also disturbing at the same time. To see how many people are admitting that the media had given them an opinion of Bernie that was all wrong. It really shows what a toxic aspect of our society mainstream corporate media has become. I've been a fan of Bernie for a long time and have always felt so frustrated when people detract or attack him because I always feel like they haven't really listened to him. Now that feeling is confirmed. While I've always liked Bernie the thing that really got me was what he did after he lost in 2016. While every other person who loses an election vanishes until its time for their book tour Bernie kept fighting. He held town halls with people who voted against him so he could hear them. it was like he never stopped campaigning. He is truly what a politician (in the best sense of the word) is supposed to be... hes lives his life in service of this fight. I dont agree with every single thing he wants to do... but this is the man we need the most at this moment in history. I truly hope more people see the light and make him our next president. I think we would achieve great things together if he was.

  • Austin Klintworth

    Austin Klintworth

     yesterday +430

    I have never finished a JRE podcast and I have always intentionally avoided hearing Bernie speak and thought little of him yet I watched the whole damn podcast down to the outro music. Thanks for this podcast this was incredibly informative and so much easier on the mind than watching mainstream media. This feels real and personal. I hope to stay informed but I definitely am starting to become a Bernie fan after this.

  • Nick Hightree

    Nick Hightree

     3 days ago +483

    I believe that this is the guy for president. I’m a little sad he didn’t go more into his policy plans, but he covered what he believes in and more importantly that he can’t do it alone - the people of the United States have to have a voice.

  • Rhinneh


     yesterday +152

    This has to be my favourite episode of the JRE ever

  • Lbcnu24


     yesterday +103

    This is where I am congratulating Bernie Sanders

  • 1SuckMeBeautiful1


     yesterday +67

    Listening to Bernie here and seeing all these open minded and receptive comments on here has made my day. Your eye is opening, mah peeps :)

  • Katie Lee

    Katie Lee

     yesterday +315

    Joe, I don't think the positive impact of this interview can be overstated. You've done a public service here.