Does a laundromat make money?

  • Published on:  Wednesday, October 30, 2019
  • Here's a update to my laundromat business now that one of many of my videos EXPLODED.

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  • This Old Chevy

    This Old Chevy

     an hour ago

    does anyone ever tell you you sound almost exactly like mr. rodgers?

  • Chekk Gang

    Chekk Gang

     3 hours ago

    Forget the hateful comments and up the GREAT work

  • Bryan Fonseca

    Bryan Fonseca

     6 hours ago

    I need money I’m poor but not that poor

  • XxFourmix OnellxX

    XxFourmix OnellxX

     6 hours ago


  • The1stJennyBean


     7 hours ago

    this is so cool!

  • Kevin Reyes

    Kevin Reyes

     11 hours ago

    I think $30

  • Irene Shafer

    Irene Shafer

     12 hours ago

    Interesting. I think you’ll do good. It takes time. 👍

  • ee Kerby

    ee Kerby

     14 hours ago

    Keep it up

  • Gossip Gang

    Gossip Gang

     21 hours ago

    I actually read the comments while watching this so ima go but thanks

  • logan rodgers

    logan rodgers


    Your going to give me motion sickness lol

  • Frank Herman

    Frank Herman


    Now to move on to the overhead machine with the bills.

  • Frank Herman

    Frank Herman


    Calls up other friends owning laundramats for a night of poker

  • Frank Herman

    Frank Herman


    If the machines were made like slot machines maybe you could win a free load

  • Frank Herman

    Frank Herman


    Guy empties all the money then gets robbed....he's washed up then

  • Frank Herman

    Frank Herman


    By the time you put the money in the machine you're to tired to do the laundry

  • Brockton Ma.

    Brockton Ma.


    Look at all my money. Now come and rob me.

  • Xiaxs



    Glad you're doing what you enjoy. Hope that this + Youtube is doing good for you, I really enjoy your content.




    Why is this satisfying

  • Realmless



    Laundromat money + ad revenue

  • Augusta Yarteh

    Augusta Yarteh


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