XXXTENTACION - SAUCE! (Official Video)

  • Published on:  Friday, February 15, 2019
  • XXXTENTACION Presents: Members Only, Vol. 4

    Animated & Directed by Tristan Zammit (@tristious)

    Assistant Animators:
    Alex Sarzosa (@alexsarzosa1)
    Rodrigo Silveira (@binarydoodles)
    Ian Worthington (@worthikids)

    Official Music Video by XXXTENTACION - Sauce! © 2019 Members Only / EMPIRE

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  • Caroline Kelly

    Caroline Kelly

     58 minutes ago

    We are that sauce I know I know that weird but 👇 like if were the sauce

  • Zulu is Bad

    Zulu is Bad

     2 hours ago +1

    Make this Blue if you want X back 😞😞

  • ghts LIRACS 7u7

    ghts LIRACS 7u7

     3 hours ago

    like si te vaz a chingar a tu madre 😍😍

  • Liam Scanlon

    Liam Scanlon

     4 hours ago

    can some one tell me what the hell is Xs profile picture

  • yoru- chan

    yoru- chan

     4 hours ago +1

    So im sitting here barbecue sause on my titties

  • WarRobots Fan ШƦᒺd

    WarRobots Fan ШƦᒺd

     5 hours ago

    You all hungry asf for likes damn you can’t show love by likes

  • René Mendez Mar

    René Mendez Mar

     6 hours ago

    Rip a legend xxx

  • Kelvin Almeida

    Kelvin Almeida

     8 hours ago +1

    November 2019 anyone? 🔥

  • Brawler KaanKocA 29

    Brawler KaanKocA 29

     11 hours ago

    Ne istediniz adamdan

  • Mehreen Faruki

    Mehreen Faruki

     12 hours ago +1

    I dont know about y'all but I love x because he's different from other rappers. He knows how to make the type of music which is different from others and that's what I like about him. I cried so much when he died but I'm glad I listened to him when he was alive. 😢

  • dankboi


     15 hours ago

    Control you, Never change yourself always be you and don't let you change that p.s. not an x quote

  • Мотя Егорова

    Мотя Егорова

     15 hours ago

    ... я тебя люблю.. сильно...❤️😭

  • NbaX BigBoy

    NbaX BigBoy

     16 hours ago

    This changed my perspective on bbq sauce

  • Elijah Veney

    Elijah Veney

     17 hours ago


  • Daquon Sanchez

    Daquon Sanchez

     19 hours ago

    can you draw me

  • Joshlyn Wright

    Joshlyn Wright

     19 hours ago

    sad or suicide I still love u

  • Old World Disorder

    Old World Disorder

     20 hours ago

    Please Repent!!! and Except the Love of Jesus Christ.

  • mFace FN

    mFace FN

     20 hours ago

    I hate that some people say that they are real fans of X but they only know Look at me,SAD and Jocelyn Flores with 3 more.Those are not true fans.But well... R.I.P. X

  • ace 576

    ace 576

     20 hours ago


  • Adam Picard

    Adam Picard

     20 hours ago

    Rip xxxtentacion June 18 2018 Jaseh Dwayn Onfroy