• Published on:  Tuesday, March 5, 2019
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  • paint draw

    paint draw

     9 hours ago

    These two remind me if Percy Jackson was a twin

  • Lauren Acosta

    Lauren Acosta

     7 days ago

    25:00 Will from stranger things and dolan twins collab

  • A Forever

    A Forever

     7 days ago

    Scam artists

  • Hollie Arthur

    Hollie Arthur

     14 days ago

    ive just realised that the girls said that they see them collabing with a male actor and THEY DID!! NOAH

  • SEBASTIAN Forero Tarquino

    SEBASTIAN Forero Tarquino

     21 days ago

    I came from the Dolan video. And I have no idea why but while watching this video, I find myself smiling a lot. Someone explain. Also anyone else would love a reading from these two. I’m only a teenager and would love readings from these two

  • Gianna Dieden

    Gianna Dieden

     21 days ago

    they predicted the noah schnap(however you spell it sorry) thing

  • Sindy.Marie Baby

    Sindy.Marie Baby

     28 days ago

    Talk about Twintuition... My older sister of 4 years was a twin. Hers died in the womb. I was born. We have the same beauty marks, we share each others physical and emotional pain, share same dreams, sometimes can tell what we are both feeling in hard times, we speak the same sentences (SENTENCES) and.. it’s just.. Her mom in law says she can feel/see auras, and when she met me she says she feels the same energy and sees the same aura as my older sister. It’s weird and questionable. Me and my sister joke that we are “twining” lol

  • mari schrecengost

    mari schrecengost

     28 days ago

    25:03 they just did a video with Noah Schnapp

  • Kyra Carabott Bugeja

    Kyra Carabott Bugeja

     28 days ago +1

    When she said sister quad.... Their faces!! 😂😂💀💀❤️❤️

  • SleepingSnowLeopard


     1 months ago


    Were they talking about Noah Schnapp?!😱😱😱😱😱😱🤭🤭🤭🤭

  • Shirley Han

    Shirley Han

     1 months ago

    They both look so scared 😂

  • Theories


     1 months ago

    Please look closely from beginning Ethan's face. He was like "Wtf is this" so cute and funny!!😂❤️🙈

  • itzslimeagain cichtoz

    itzslimeagain cichtoz

     1 months ago

    Omg i just realised that the star person was noah from stranger things

  • Puppy Flores

    Puppy Flores

     1 months ago

    I feel like Grayson specially will end up dating a Latina or Ethan.

  • Awkward Laila

    Awkward Laila

     1 months ago +1

    Ethan staring at the physic scribbling circles for 30 mins straight

  • Keara Driscoll

    Keara Driscoll

     1 months ago +1

    “Life is so boring without your twin”
    Me being and only child 😢😂

  • Judith Morales

    Judith Morales

     1 months ago

    What’s the crystal time period

  • {sakura#12} موهوبه Talented

    {sakura#12} موهوبه Talented

     1 months ago

    Women twins🍓 .

  • Bible Sign Language via Aleshia Green Aleshia Green

    Bible Sign Language via Aleshia Green Aleshia Green

     1 months ago +1

    This is totally awesome

    Id love to connect with you two ladies...i learned i am a twin in 2017 at 34 yrs old..well..turns out my twin brother is my spirit guide and im a psychic medium and he comes thru as a spirit guide for my clients and does healing work with us..
    Id love to connect with u maybe interview u if possible....on my page...

    My name is Aleshia.i go by Ancient Native Psychic Medium connecting to our ancestors of Ancient Egypt and Native America and Ascended masters and archangels..

    You can email me at

    Id love to speak to you both🌈💙😁😇😇

  • morty sopa

    morty sopa

     2 months ago +1

    Can I be psychic