Stephen Jackson: LeBron hasn't surpassed Kobe Bryant on the all-time list | NBA | SPEAK FOR YOURSELF

  • Published on:  Wednesday, March 6, 2019
  • The NBA's GOAT conversation has recently focused solely on Michael Jordan vs LeBron James. Stephen Jackson joins Jason Whitlock and Marcellus Wiley to explain why LeBron hasn't yet passed Kobe Bryant, let alone MJ, on his all-time list because of his mentality.

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    Stephen Jackson: LeBron hasn't surpassed Kobe Bryant on the all-time list | NBA | SPEAK FOR YOURSELF

    Speak For Yourself
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  • Speak For Yourself

    Speak For Yourself

     10 months ago +414

    Kobe Bryant or LeBron James — Who would you take?

  • JJ Dwayne

    JJ Dwayne

     20 hours ago

    Yeah I agree. Jordan , Kobe ..?.... Lebron til its all said and done.
    Jordan (2) 3peats for 6.
    Kobe (1) 3peat and B2B for 5.

    If Lebron gets 1 here in LA, he is with KOBE. If he gets 1-2 in West he passes Kobe.
    (2) miami , (1) Cleveland (amazing) , 2 or 3 in Wild West he can be like Mike.


    If K.Leaonard wins with Clippers he may pass Lebron. (1) S.A , (1) Tor, and whatever happens in L.A could be something nobody thought was possible. He a Defense POY, (2) Finals MVPS , IF he wins even 1 with clippers it puts him in top 5 for degree of difficulty. #LOL

  • Sylvio Fleurant

    Sylvio Fleurant

     yesterday +1

    Kobe Bryant is the true king

  • Rafinha Latvezzi

    Rafinha Latvezzi


    7:01 “Why are guys that can’t play making money? Because of LeBron”

    Interpretation: I don’t have to work hard and I can live the life

    ...Well there’s your problem, in the 90s if you were good, you earned your money. Now if your trash, you still make millions.

    Like Jordan said “If something is handed to you easily, you’re not gonna work as hard”

  • Rafinha Latvezzi

    Rafinha Latvezzi


    LeBron should be compared to Malone and Magic.

    Leave Jordan and Kobe our of it.

    Airness and Mamba are in a League of their own

  • Master Of The Craft

    Master Of The Craft

     2 days ago

    Lebron was never better than Kobe

  • Codey Snow

    Codey Snow

     3 days ago

    When did LeBron pass Kobe? Y'all Fanboy fools.

  • Christian Stoytchev

    Christian Stoytchev

     3 days ago

    Lmao of course you can change your mind. If Lebron choke in the playoffs this year or even worst if he chokes in the finals again... even the biggest Lebron fanboys like Night Right are going to take a step back

  • Vee Levu

    Vee Levu

     3 days ago +1

    Only brainwashed, conditioned, ignorant, unreasonable and unrealistic people don't believe that Kobe is the best and most skilled to ever play the game of basketball, forget stats and rings that don't hold real truth, people are so robotically indoctrinated inside of this matrix that they can't understand nor see nor accept nor feel that Kobe is the greatest, your spirit knows Kobe is better but your avatar that you occupy says otherwise because you're (kobe nay sayers) under a spell

    Media and brainwashed weirdos - lefraud

    Players and non-conforming beings - kobe

  • Bacteria Fastblade

    Bacteria Fastblade

     4 days ago

    Lebron choker in every finals

  • Kingsley Jackson

    Kingsley Jackson

     6 days ago

    That bulls team won 6 rings

  • Kingsley Jackson

    Kingsley Jackson

     6 days ago

    Switching teams

  • Kram Lark

    Kram Lark

     7 days ago

    LAkebron James is the chosen one because lAkebron always choosing who he wants to be in his team..

    Kobe obviously

  • Ernest Thompson

    Ernest Thompson

     7 days ago

    Numbers are all you have in LeBron's favor. He's strong, he likes open court power dunks and lobs, he could foul out almost every game for pushing off way too much and the refs says nothing, he just started to learn things he should've learned in jr. high. And even though this has nothing to do with it, he loves attention.

  • kevin couture

    kevin couture

     7 days ago

    straight up, if lebron can get 2 more, he definitely #2

  • Brayan J Rivera

    Brayan J Rivera

     7 days ago

    I don't want to oversimplify this but the game is about scoring and not allowing the opponent to score(offense, defense) Kobe was better than lebron at both and Kobe's talent translated to more wins and championships than Lebron's.

  • Kyle Vincent Fetilo

    Kyle Vincent Fetilo

     7 days ago

    I don’t care what these people say. Man, I wanna be like Kobe. Lol

  • Ben Nengomasha

    Ben Nengomasha

     7 days ago


  • Hickter R Saito

    Hickter R Saito

     7 days ago

    I think they don't understand what's that "Clutch Gene" means when Scottie Pippen say it.. The Only Person Who Know that mean really knows what is GREATNESS and THE FACE THAT THEY BOTH MAKE TO EARNED THE TAITLE'S GOAT ON THAT GAME.. #NBA (NOTHING BUT AMAZING) THEY BOTH ALREADY SHOWS THE WORLD'S.. ALL THANKS TO THE GREATNESS.. NO QUESTIONS ABOUT THAT..

  • Adam Valerino

    Adam Valerino

     7 days ago

    I still have Kobe ahead of LeBron on the all time list, if LeBron is able to win a ring in LA then we have a good conversation