RANTS! Are Local Fish Stores a Dying Breed?

  • Published on:  Wednesday, March 6, 2019
  • This is my response to two videos lately talking about local fish stores and the comments people make. I wanted to bring my opinion on the subject as I own a local fish store.
    First Video was from KG Tropicals: https://www.youtuclip.com/video/slckEsgUoFE/video.html
    Second Video by Prime Time Aquatics: https://www.youtuclip.com/video/P2SQ7KBURWI/video.html
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  • Source: https://youtu.be/4x1P698at_g


  • Aquarium Co-Op

    Aquarium Co-Op

     6 months ago +2

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  • silver buyer

    silver buyer

     7 days ago

    I live in Hillsboro, Oregon and we have no freshwater LFS's. Back in the early 90's we had one I think it was successful for a few years then it went under. Years later another LFS opened in a shopping center and failed within the first year. A 3rd opened up in the same shopping center then went under in a matter of months. We have a Saltwater only LFS now, probably just a matter of time before they close. They're in a high rent prime location and if freshwater stores can't make it in our city I just don't see a Saltwater shop making it.

    Maybe people don't do research or maybe it isn't easy to research failed businesses especially ones that failed in the 90'a and 00's. We have another shopping center and one corner space was leased by 5 different mom & pop restaurants. 1 after another failed within months. We had a Quizno's that failed and another one took over the same space. I told him there was a Quizno's there before and he would fail within the year. He said no he would be successful. Months later he was out of business. Do people intentionally open businesses to fail? It just doesn't make sense...

  • Thomas Ashe

    Thomas Ashe

     14 days ago

    Cory, I think the reason why things are cheaper online is because, while you would have to pay shipping and pay someone to package it up in order to ship it, it is still cheaper than in a store since the store has to pay a stock person and cashier and has to pay for the products when they receive them from the supplier. That means instead of just 2 people to pay they are paying 3 people. Please correct me if I'm wrong.

  • JP


     21 days ago

    I mean yes. Trying to find a local store that has a good selection not no luck. I go on line and can find what I want . Or the local stores are way over priced . Kind of sad.

  • Alexander Bradford

    Alexander Bradford

     21 days ago

    I like all your content

  • Mike Garman

    Mike Garman

     21 days ago

    You need to write a list Cory.

  • Monagirl Jones

    Monagirl Jones

     1 months ago

    Thank you

  • K P

    K P

     1 months ago

    Internet destroys the typical mom and pop fish stores like it does for most other retail businesses. Irony. Keep up the good conversation.

  • Stealthboy23


     1 months ago +1

    We have an aquarium store here in Columbus that I kid you not prices things 50-75% higher than amazon. Just like you said, I am trained to go there and not buy anything but look at products haha. I almost get more enjoyment seeing how much more expensive they price their stuff than going to the store.

  • looks legit87

    looks legit87

     1 months ago

    you would lose way more money from someone using a stolen credit card than a counterfeit bill..

  • Carroll 1971

    Carroll 1971

     1 months ago


  • Marjorie Johnson

    Marjorie Johnson

     1 months ago

    Some of my favorite memories are of the great mom and pop fish stores that used to be in my area. Today there is only one. The rest ...petco and pet smart. I would LOVE to see them come back. I used to buy stuff just because I wanted to " pay" for my entertainment. I am afraid that Amazon will put the last out of business. Because I am not driving much these days I have to rely on someone to drive me. It makes me so sad. Please encourage , please take in people ( maybe have an apprenticeship) who would love to learn the trade and bring fish stores to the east coast smaller cities. I still refuse to order plants , etc. From amazon...no entertainment value.

  • Matthew Picklesimer

    Matthew Picklesimer

     1 months ago

    Sounds like wisdom not rant to me..i enjoyed very much! Thxz for sharing info makes my wheels spin...good stuff

  • Charles Morris

    Charles Morris

     2 months ago

    Corey I don’t have to worry about a local fish store because I don’t have any, and I honestly mean that. There are no local fish stores to put out of business only the big fish store chains like Petco and Petsmart where no one knows a damn thing about fish and they don’t have much variety in fish, and they don’t quarantine. Who the f...ing hell wants to shop there? Certainly not me, but I am forced to. Or I must order online. All this because I live in the middle of Dogpatch USA. even if there were a local fish store which there has been one in the past but they don’t last long because the idiots don’t know how to run a business. And the people in this area don’t care a flying foo about anything except tractors and cows, and pigs, and drugs, and drinking, and sex. The kind of people that live here R about as intelligent as “Bubba shot the jukebox last night, said it played a sad song and made him cry “ they have about as much culture as Hillbilly cavemen and women.
    How I miss the wonderful service, variety, knowledge, and personalized attention of true professional fish store owners in LA.

    I miss the days when I lived in Los Angeles area where there were mom and pop fish stores practically on every corner. Those were the days we thought would never end. So from my perspective now in the here and present it hasn’t gotten better,..it’s shit.
    There is no culture here, unless you call last Friday nights tractor pull event culture? Missouri should be called the neanderthal state!

    All areas of the country are not created equal!

  • omniXenderman


     2 months ago

    To be fair if I'm paying 10$ for a neon it better be the biggest most robust most brightly colored neon I've ever seen 😂

  • KerriNature


     2 months ago

    ROFL ok this is my favourite opening you've done, word salad making me giggle. "...all it means right now is there's a bunch of people watching me... and that doesn't necessarily mean anything " hehehe

  • Julian Morgan

    Julian Morgan

     2 months ago +2

    "If your LFS is not quarantining fish they deserve to go out of business" = rough paraphrase, but yes totally agree, and yes mine did! They also went about pricing totally wrong IMO in trying to compete on price with the UK equivalent of Petco, when they should have been educating their customers about quality of stock, transportation methods(ref. care of fish during shipping to and from wholesalers to LFS, i.e. cheap is rarely also good), and of course quarantine.

    The quarantine period is also a great opportunity to condition the fish. In the UK your three meds combo is not legally possible, but they could certainly use aspects of it and selling fish that haven't been at least dewormed, fed good food and are looking their best is simply stupid. I don't know of a store within 50 miles of my home that properly quarantines - they all assume wholesalers do this and rely on massive central UV systems to fight disease. So fish get sick when you bring them home - but I've heard these jokers then convincing their inexperienced customer that THEY killed their fish.

    On both occasions when I've overheard this kinda thing and intervened, it turned out that the customer had a better quarantining set up than the fish store, and their quarantining had done exactly what it was supposed to in identifying a sick fish and protecting their existing stock. Guess where I buy my fish? Not from any local stores! Mostly I prefer to buy from fellow hobbyists with decent standards.

  • Darren Delmonaco

    Darren Delmonaco

     2 months ago

    I only use LFS never online and like the personal interaction.

  • Nanette Lai

    Nanette Lai

     2 months ago

    I love all the food analogies!

  • Aquatic Highs

    Aquatic Highs

     2 months ago

    So many fantastic LFS near me couple musky dark gross ones too lol.