• Published on:  Sunday, August 11, 2019
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  • Kaine Username

    Kaine Username

     5 days ago +9743

    Dom, is this your way of telling us you're pregnant?

  • Vlad


     2 days ago +494

    Reasons why some kids are depressed:
    Traumatic experience
    Lack of emotional support
    must be the gosh darn phone

  • Kenkxb


     4 days ago +1276

    Me in house
    Mom: you need to get out more
    Me: Can I hang out with my friends tomorrow?
    Mom: No I don’t feel like driving you
    Me: Welp to YouTube I go

  • Zackarie Weber

    Zackarie Weber

     4 days ago +2194

    Me: “Hey mom I need this permission slip signed. It’s due next week.”
    Mom: “Ok. We’ll do it later.”
    Morning before it’s due
    Me: “Mom sign this right now. It’s due today!”
    Mom: “You really shouldn’t wait till the last minute all the time.”

  • Creeper


     4 days ago +991

    me: about to win a decent argument
    Mom: I carried you for 9 months!

  • Chris


     5 days ago +2308

    Domic's videos are slowly becoming life lessons than rants. Love it

  • N A Y 2.0

    N A Y 2.0

     4 days ago +361

    This is great and all but...
    this won’t stop parents blaming everything on our technology

  • that soup guy 3000

    that soup guy 3000

     4 days ago +586

    Me: gets terminal cancer
    mom: you would be cured if you got off that damn phone

  • Derp CharmandeR :D

    Derp CharmandeR :D

     3 days ago +115

    Good parents:
    Kid of the good parent: be nice
    Bad parent
    Kid of bad parent: bully
    Strict parent:
    Kid of strict parent:
    "I dont know how to ride a bike"
    -at age 20

  • redrose 101

    redrose 101

     3 days ago +149

    "He might have been your father boy but he wasn't your daddy" -Yondu

  • Ariana C

    Ariana C

     5 days ago +2298

    Parents: talk to you and treat you as a child
    Also Parents: want you to act like an adult

  • Anonymous Noob

    Anonymous Noob

     4 days ago +108

    Mom: speak louder I can't hear you
    Me:*speaks louder*
    Me:why are you like this?

  • Taya Clarke

    Taya Clarke

     4 days ago +206

    For all you scrolling
    Have a Wonderful day!

  • highlighted comment

    highlighted comment

     4 days ago +142

    So domics didn't used protection last time and now he is worried about the future
    Conclusion: lets make a video about parenting

  • Newby Ton

    Newby Ton

     3 days ago +47

    Can't wait to show this to my dad when he comes back from the gas station for cigarettes
    Oh boy I can't wait to tell him about these past few years



     5 days ago +3569

    “You can’t put a price tag on life!”
    American Hospitals: Observe.

  • Audry Ramirez

    Audry Ramirez

     2 days ago +124

    Me: tries to talk about funny storys
    My mom: gives me a lecture
    Me: regrets talking
    Also my mom: wonders why we don’t talk a lot

  • High Hyena

    High Hyena

     3 days ago +117

    That thing about arguing with your parents makes so much sense I argue with my mum and no one wins

  • dfdfg df

    dfdfg df

     4 days ago +243

    Whatever occasions led you to have children you are accountable for supporting them develop Then theres foster care

  • Reg. Llama

    Reg. Llama

     2 days ago +16

    Just give them some snickers. You’re not u when ur hungry