• Published on:  Sunday, August 11, 2019
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  • Phoebe Rogers Sherwood

    Phoebe Rogers Sherwood

     5 hours ago

    I can't do any sport outside of school because my parents are divorced and dad won't help my mum pay for me to do any clubs and I get picked on a lot for this by people who are suppose to be my friends and even if I explain they just this im making up excuses. This hit close to home

  • The Undying

    The Undying

     7 hours ago

    “Cereal first, then milk”

    That’s an automatic like from me

  • Just Anya

    Just Anya

     12 hours ago

    ( • ∆ •)
    / >🍰

  • Grell GR

    Grell GR

     13 hours ago

    Dom I love you're video's keep up the good work 💓😂. There is one thing I would just like to put out there and that is I grew up with an Asian dad and Mexican mom and every time I would act up I would get hit and not only did I learn to become a better person but also to not throw a fit at the age of 2. I'm not throwing shade or anthing just wanna throw my side in their. Keep it ur amazing. :)

  • Ayo's Vlogz

    Ayo's Vlogz

     21 hours ago

    You dont love your children if you dont discipline them. Parents who dont discipline do it because they cant be bothered. If you didnt want your children to turn into rats then you should show them what's right and wrong. It's easier to sit there and watch them go crazy then to tell them to stop. Put some effort into you parenting and start young, 8 is too old to start setting. Boundaries.

  • Error shadow

    Error shadow

     21 hours ago

    What if your adopted

  • let's be honest

    let's be honest


    My mom does it

  • nibbs 2 eat

    nibbs 2 eat


    My mom’s way of winning a argument is, u like ur Xbox right? Me:oof

  • Andrew Walker Jr.

    Andrew Walker Jr.


    6:29 ._.

  • Rachel Rachel

    Rachel Rachel


    3:36 captions

  • Orial CompleX

    Orial CompleX


    There is know way this happened so my mom called me so I stand up from my bed and next thing I heared 1:38

  • 쀵쀵귀염이


     yesterday +1

    3:34 Every old generation Asian Parent teaching ever x__x.................

  • Genkin




  • My existence itself is a lie

    My existence itself is a lie


    I want a baby

  • Puffinef


     2 days ago

    Will you neglect me?
    ( • . •)
    / >❤️

  • Kayla Blue

    Kayla Blue

     2 days ago

    Around my neighbouring school, parents let their 3 AND 5 YEAR OLD KIDS play
    and let me tell you, People do not drive at the speed limit around there!

  • yunatrash


     2 days ago

    the font that shows when samuel talks tho-

  • JeffNotes


     2 days ago

    Domics cantaloupes now available in the merch store!!!! =D

  • Kennedy Grimes

    Kennedy Grimes

     2 days ago

    The bebe looks so stoopid...... I lOvE iT

  • Soggy toast man678

    Soggy toast man678

     2 days ago

    Loophole I'm adopted