Turning Myself Into A Cow In A Tesla

  • Published on:  Friday, March 1, 2019
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    I do sfx makeup to turn myself in a cow in my tesla ... for science!!

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  • gisary matos

    gisary matos

     8 months ago +2810

    For the people who are saying "she has a Tesla but is talking about reducing emission please listen & pay attention to what she says starting at 17:29.

  • Kennedy Belle

    Kennedy Belle

     7 days ago

    I love that this is so normal for mykie that I wasn’t weirded out by the title lol

  • Kaylee Sever

    Kaylee Sever

     14 days ago

    This is a whole other mooooood

  • runawayfae ?!!

    runawayfae ?!!

     21 days ago

    Heeey, I'm one of those 12 😆

  • Tasoq


     21 days ago

    Seeing anything to do with cows just instantly makes me think of the song "Cows with guns" XD

  • Tasoula Hogan

    Tasoula Hogan

     21 days ago

    a bull is a male cow, darling. It's ok, you were concussed

  • Rachel Campbell

    Rachel Campbell

     21 days ago

    how do i heart react this video

  • anji22


     21 days ago

    He needs some milk for that burn!

  • LizzyIsReal


     28 days ago

    You are legit the only YouTuber who has talked about climate change and this makes me happy honestly that someone has FINALLY decided to use their platform to talk about it.

  • Imogen Greenhill Galea

    Imogen Greenhill Galea

     28 days ago +1

    a bull is a male cow and a female cow is called a heifer.

  • Aaron D. Rodriguez

    Aaron D. Rodriguez

     28 days ago +1

    PLEASE stay at the Fairmont Château Laurier or the Ottawa Jail Hostel with Cristine from SimplyNailogical!!! Or something with Safiya Nygaard, Madeyewlook, Grav3yardGirl, or Shane Dawson. Next year should be Ghost hunting collabs, like the one with Anthony. (Sorry if this is annoying) Not so recent but firm subscriber out.

  • cryѕтαlѕĸy


     28 days ago

    I love you two! You’re such a sweet girl Mykie. I can’t see you be mean in life. Like at all. I see you as such a sweet girl.

  • Alexisasheep


     28 days ago

    Everyone can't eat everything, my body likes it the best when I'm not eating meat bc otherwise my toilet business is every other day and it hurts, but then there's people like my mom who's allergic to a lot of food (mostly raw) and getting allergic to more things the older she gets, or people like my brother who can't handle fiber/carbs very well. If you're going to change your diet bc you want to have less of an impact on the environment then I kinda think you need to treat it like a vaccine. Change for those who are unable to change, if you will. And if you're wondering how badly my brother can react, one spoon of rice sent him to the hospital.

  • Designerlute


     28 days ago

    Please look up factory farming...

  • CaptainSchlockler


     28 days ago

    Wow, I have so much more respect for her after watching this.

  • Caley Holland

    Caley Holland

     28 days ago +1

    Mykie: "I don't want to be that YouTuber that brags."
    Also Mykie: flexes on her Tesla

  • Caley Holland

    Caley Holland

     28 days ago

    a cow is a female cattle and a bull is a male cattle

  • I like Butter

    I like Butter

     1 months ago

    are you a gold pickaxe?
    because i would never use you ❤️

  • ShadowLander


     1 months ago

    Mykie Bull = male cow.

  • Samm


     1 months ago

    Agriculture doesn't just mean the emisions from cattle.... or livestock in general... a large part is when they plow fields as a lot of CO2 is trapped in the ground and then released. Or the when they infuse with ammonia or abrasive pesticides.