Turning Myself Into A Cow In A Tesla

  • Published on:  Friday, March 1, 2019
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    I do sfx makeup to turn myself in a cow in my tesla ... for science!!

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  • gisary matos

    gisary matos

     10 months ago +2872

    For the people who are saying "she has a Tesla but is talking about reducing emission please listen & pay attention to what she says starting at 17:29.

  • Cheyenne Gawreluk

    Cheyenne Gawreluk


    Lol a bull is just a male cow.

  • Emily Hernandez

    Emily Hernandez

     2 days ago

    i love how Mykie keeps calling the cow a he but all cows are females and bulls are the guys in the relationship

  • Tiny Budhha

    Tiny Budhha

     3 days ago

    "I forgot the cowbell!" "It was the best partt!" 🤣 lol love it

  • bellla life

    bellla life

     4 days ago


  • Kimberly Carter

    Kimberly Carter

     5 days ago

    Maybe Peter would have more viewers if you promoted his channel.
    He's in almost every video and I didn't even know he had a channel!

  • Diamondsrule1


     7 days ago

    Hey! Search up "Rainbow Dalmatians" and go to Images. You're welcome.

  • Diamondsrule1


     7 days ago

    cows are girls and bulls are boys

  • Lauren Samantha Clarke

    Lauren Samantha Clarke

     7 days ago

    I know you forgot the cow bell but really where are the giant cow lashes?

  • Clover_bell Harwood

    Clover_bell Harwood

     7 days ago

    “Ohh now I’m full creep” she says and then straight after “I’m lookin so cute” this is why I love her Chanel even when she is concussed.

    Ps: a bull is a male cow 😂

  • the make up chair

    the make up chair

     7 days ago

    But cows will still be on earth

  • Amber Weatherby

    Amber Weatherby

     7 days ago

    I just wanted to add this too Mykie aka Laura that ur a smart young lady considering that idk on how old ur are but I'm in my mid 30s no lie 80s baby here lol not a lot of younger generation's know facts like u just talked about in this video just sayin



     7 days ago

    This video mooved me 😂😂
    She didn't put cow bell round her neck 😢

  • Lsc Snowy

    Lsc Snowy

     7 days ago

    Why bully cow so no you bully horse I don’t like

  • MRISL _isa_Freak

    MRISL _isa_Freak

     14 days ago

    Real quick. Cattle breath out the gas it’s not farts. We all can’t go vegan because cattle is the main source of nutrition for other places/ countries. Also why would you want to punish farmers like that they are doing their best. Buy local and stop getting stuff from Walmart that’s the beast thing you can do for the Cattle industry. There are less farms but they get over populated and there is no proper way to expose of the waist. That get into the talk of runoff.

  • Karlee Cox

    Karlee Cox

     14 days ago

    Peter was acting just like my dad with all those puns.

  • katka


     21 days ago

    this video was a whole MOOd
    im sorry lmao

  • Megan Emily

    Megan Emily

     21 days ago

    Okay I thought the title said crow and was so confused about the cow comments

  • Zoë Thatcher

    Zoë Thatcher

     21 days ago +1

    arent the cows still gonna produce gases even if you dont eat them....because if no one eats them...there will be more cows to produce gases...

  • Andrea Sans l-/

    Andrea Sans l-/

     21 days ago

    They are really milking out the cow puns