Trisha: My Thoughts

  • Published on:  Tuesday, October 8, 2019
  • Those who mind don't matter, and those who matter don't mind.


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  • anon


     2 hours ago

    I don’t agree that Trisha is being truthful, but honestly this was such a well spoken video from Gigi

  • Meh


     2 hours ago

    Trisha just wants the "benefits" that men have, literally, that's the only reason

  • Art Lady

    Art Lady

     5 hours ago

    I think I agree with Blair White,

  • zahnpastacremetube


     6 hours ago

    "please do not spread hate and direct hate towards ignorance - we need to educate the ignorant" best quote!

  • Snixx O.

    Snixx O.

     18 hours ago

    She never talked about dating apps

  • Snixx O.

    Snixx O.

     18 hours ago

    Just saying, she didn’t say she hooked up with them she said she has been with them so get ur facts straight

  • Laura Gilmore

    Laura Gilmore


    I love you Gigi, you’re amazing ♥️

  • Rebecca Edwards

    Rebecca Edwards

     yesterday’re a beautiful soul

  • Twinkle Babo

    Twinkle Babo


    Can I identify as a Fairy from Heaven?

  • Tanja Pieksma

    Tanja Pieksma


    She needs help. Truth or lie, she needs help.

  • Brooke



    I really don’t know anymore. I just think Trisha needs to stay off of social media and find professional help asap with someone she can trust and who will put the effort in to help get. Turning to social media when theres an inconvenience just becomes too unhealthy, no matter who you are.

  • caoakuma



    She literally said it's her CHOICE! ... does that sound like something someone that is actually transgender feels ? No. You don't choose to be transgender. It is who you are.

  • KarLee Kay

    KarLee Kay


    Omg. Trisha is an idiot. Get her out of your life Gigi.
    She’s just money hungry and needed clicks and views.

  • hayley blackwood

    hayley blackwood


    I love you

  • Alejandro S

    Alejandro S


    I’m sorry but i don’t agree that we have to educate “ignorants”. for example, christians believe they’re right and that we (the lgbtq+ who we also think we’re the ones who are right) are mistaken and being tricked by the devil into perverting God’s plan. if we’re not a parent or professionals(doctors, teachers etc), coming straight up to someone to “educate” is not just arrogant but nobody’s job UNLESS we’re asked our opinion on a subject, like you did. people asked you what you thought and here you are but we can’t shove our beliefs to people who disagrees with us. is one’s opinion the truth JUST because it doesn’t spread hate? no. just a thought

  • Johanna Weaver

    Johanna Weaver


    I have no words for Trish. You're a true friend. You could have dragged her big time and been totally correct in doing so but instead you're being supportive. This was very gracious of you ❤️

  • Turkish* Delight

    Turkish* Delight

     2 days ago

    Who is this men.

  • Quinn Jared Marshall

    Quinn Jared Marshall

     2 days ago

    Gigi you go good by the end!!!!

  • Shay


     2 days ago

    Idek y but I had to come here n see if Gigi has any input like... she’s like the least controversial YouTuber out there like I’m so serious sometimes I forget she does YouTube she mind her own business n stays drama free so much lol

  • hello moni

    hello moni

     2 days ago

    Ok hunny that hat isn't for you lol 😬