THIS CAN'T GO WRONG?! | Transforming a Dove into a Dragon | Digital Painting

  • Published on:  Tuesday, March 5, 2019
  • Fulfilling a random request today. haha Its real-time, so grab your sketchbooks and draw along with me!! I don't plan on doing a lot of videos in this style. but there were some technical difficulties so I only have the digital 'camera angle' if you will. I'll do better, but thanks for stopping by!

    My brother said this drawing was really cool. lol

    Cintiq 16:
    Photoshop CS5

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  • Lil Butterscotch Pie

    Lil Butterscotch Pie

     7 days ago

    it is really great

  • A cotton candy Icon

    A cotton candy Icon

     7 days ago

    I like pigeons more

  • Amery Drogsvold

    Amery Drogsvold

     14 days ago

    That's so impressive! Way to go, waffles!

  • Jennifer Hill

    Jennifer Hill

     14 days ago

    in another video draw an actual dragon

  • James Chao

    James Chao

     21 days ago

    I've been drawing dragons for years, and this is better than what I've drawn

  • Kalei Williams

    Kalei Williams

     21 days ago

    Rin: it need to make logical sense

    Me: it’s a dragon it’s already mythical good luck with that

  • Hanna Martin

    Hanna Martin

     1 months ago


  • Tornado Wolf

    Tornado Wolf

     1 months ago

    there was something in my eye... until I watched this!

  • Madison Lobato

    Madison Lobato

     1 months ago

    When Rin added all the divds it looked like an armadillo

  • Puppy Planet

    Puppy Planet

     1 months ago

    I'm drawing a dragon while watching this XD

  • lvllxby


     1 months ago +1

    it looks so soft and cute!! i would cuddle that dragon 💕💞

  • Camille Perron

    Camille Perron

     2 months ago

    Wow! I hope this becomes a series! It was very fun to watch! I love the softness of the dove that made its way into the dragon.

    Thank you for your videos xox

  • bash


     2 months ago

    I hoped this would become a series but it didn't 😢

  • Luna The Gacha Girl YT

    Luna The Gacha Girl YT

     2 months ago

    i some how misread the title as Transforming a Dove into a PIGEON.....How did I get pigeon from dragon????



     2 months ago

    Gotta be one of the best vids of yours I’ve seen!! It’s so stunning, you’re truely super talented :) you so gotta make this into a series 💕💕

  • ana the cat gamer aj

    ana the cat gamer aj

     2 months ago

    hey! it turned out pretty cute better than i can do at least ;v and yes charizard IS a dragon but it isent dragon type! >:V ad can you turn more animals (and birds) into dragos i really wanna see more

  • littlekitsune1


     2 months ago

    Haha, I love seeing other people's pet names. My cat is a tortoiseshell so she looks like she's made of paint splotches. So her name is Matisse (The Feline Masterpiece).

    I'd love to see you transform more pets! It was cute and fun.

  • First Dragonet

    First Dragonet

     2 months ago

    You did me good, I am know for my dragons, praised for them, and sought out for them among my peers, and I must say you did great!

  • Amara  Jordan

    Amara Jordan

     2 months ago

    5:47 Armadillo! Armadillo! They can carry leprosy. 🙃 Yay for armadillos! Conquering fantastical worlds with their leprotic breath. None can stand against their might. 😰

  • Amara  Jordan

    Amara Jordan

     2 months ago

    My black cat Arwen could totally be an eleven princess. 😂 Just sayin.