Sasha Banks returns to WWE: Raw, Aug. 12, 2019



  • dwilsonjr78


     3 days ago +1170

    Just like Charlotte Flair, I've always thought that Sasha Banks was better as a heel than a face.

  • mike desorbo

    mike desorbo

     3 days ago +504

    3M views in 2 days.... do her right this time

  • Jason Guerra

    Jason Guerra

     yesterday +248

    I bet the kids were crying the whole way home
    “Mommy, why did Sasha turn mean?” 😭 😭

  • Undrifted Pop

    Undrifted Pop

     3 days ago +484

    Sasha is finally the heel that she was In NXT!!!

  • Jesse Strickland

    Jesse Strickland

     4 days ago +1264

    “Thank you Sasha” ?? I guess the Toronto crowd turned heel too

  • Carlos Gomez

    Carlos Gomez

     3 days ago +323

    It's been 2 days, who's still watching it?

  • Spaceman Octopus

    Spaceman Octopus

     2 days ago +117

    Natalya: "It's been one year today since my dad died"
    Cole: "IT'S BAWS TIME!!"

  • Danni Cree

    Danni Cree

     3 days ago +34

    People are complaing about Sasha returning but came to watch the video you missed her just admit it

  • Freq S

    Freq S

     2 days ago +55

    Sasha banks about to show the other women how to be a true heel.

  • Èllå


     4 days ago +2190

    "It's been one year today since my dad died..."

  • Lillian Cooper

    Lillian Cooper

     3 days ago +300

    Make this color of Sasha Banks hair

  • Marvel Antonio

    Marvel Antonio

     2 days ago +71

    Sasha: breathes
    Corey: Sasha breathing all our air!!

  • Ivan Grigorov

    Ivan Grigorov

     3 days ago +141

    "The Man" Becky Lynch (c) vs "The Boss" Sasha Banks - Hell in a cell match for the RAW Women's Championship

  • PharaohT


     2 days ago +27

    I know it’s scripted but using a dead person storyline to start up a fight? Wow wwe?!

  • COOLKING89707


     4 days ago +838

    You could tell Michael Cole was waiting to once again say: "IT'S BOSS TIME!!!!!!!!"

  • Bandoblock 4

    Bandoblock 4

     3 days ago +49

    Sasha rockin that Nipsey blue for ha cousin snoop 💙💙💙

  • Heel Entertainment

    Heel Entertainment

     3 days ago +124

    “I’ve been telling everyone all along”
    Is Sasha the first heel that Corey Graves is going to hate? 😂😂

  • Louise Alonte

    Louise Alonte

     3 days ago +150

    2 things that good to know 1.)The Legit boss Sasha banks is back
    2.) Im excited to watch Monday Night Raw again 🤗😊😍

  • June Amarillo

    June Amarillo

     3 days ago +150

    Sasha: So should I get blue hair?
    Blueface: Yea aight

  • Simone Altrocchi: VERSUS

    Simone Altrocchi: VERSUS

     4 days ago +2517

    Love how she hugged the little girls in the front row, and then proceeded to kill Natalya and Becky like a SAVAGE