Filming the Speed of Light at 10 Trillion FPS

  • Published on:  Wednesday, March 27, 2019
  • What is the fastest thing we as the human race know of? Gav and Dan try and film that.
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  • Sundar Pranesh

    Sundar Pranesh

     8 hours ago

    Einstein : That's my boys .

  • Autumn B.

    Autumn B.

     9 hours ago

    I like how they both have something they make fun of each other about, dan’s dummy thickness and gav’s nose.

  • Paul Hogsten

    Paul Hogsten

     16 hours ago

    Fools "Light is a like coaxial cable, or circuit. A longitudinal dielectric with transverse electrical and magnetic components. It is a longitudinal perturbation in the medium, the ether. There's no such thing as the quote-unquote “speed of light”."! There are no particles of light (photons) nor are electrons particles! Wake Up!

  • Урген я

    Урген я

     18 hours ago

    Сомневаюсь о наличии аппаратуры, что бы заснять скорость света. Это противоиечит самой себе.

  • SnowboardinMA


     19 hours ago

    Light travels 299,792,458 meters in 1 second.
    A picosecond is 1 trillionth of a second.
    So light travels 0.000299792458 meter in 1 picosecond, or about 0.3mm

  • Joseph Stalin

    Joseph Stalin


    And my photos be going one frames per second ;((

  • Jade Moyer

    Jade Moyer


    Rate of Induction thru the aether

  • Łåîłå



    if ur British u can't ignore the name "Peng wang"

  • • Finjank •

    • Finjank •


    Я именно тот самый русский,которого та искал

  • • Finjank •

    • Finjank •


    Вот бы такой фпс в фортнайте

  • Ben Lee

    Ben Lee

     yesterday +1

    iphone 3729482: am i a joke to you

  • Moon wolf 1234

    Moon wolf 1234


    i can’t even animate in 30 FPS xD

  • Edward Bernays

    Edward Bernays


    Very very interesting subject matter...... However Slow Mo Guys occasional Englishman’s “comical quips” are childish and trivialise the subject rather than inform.

  • leandro_FC_



    Tgis is boringgggg I took a picture and that had infinite FPS

  • Вацлав Р

    Вацлав Р

     2 days ago

    Охренеть. Не думал, что при жизни увижу движение фотона.

  • Fernando Patricio

    Fernando Patricio

     2 days ago

    The best windows 7 <3

  • TwoGunnerOptic


     2 days ago

    "The prophecy is true" - Morpheus

  • PlateFul of Cuteness

    PlateFul of Cuteness

     2 days ago +1

    I want to play games in 10 trillion frames per second

  • ******


     2 days ago

    а что перевести на рашу в падлу было? название на раше а материал на буржуйском. минус вам за это

  • nicholas rose

    nicholas rose

     2 days ago +1

    ofcourse an asian made the worlds fastest camera (not meant to be offensive)