How to Unseize an Engine!

  • Published on:  Saturday, October 19, 2019
  • In this Episode of Classicmustangs429 we dive deep into Diesel.... wait what...?
    We purchased this ol 67 Cougar a couple months ago as a parts car for another cougar of ours... but the more we looked at it, the more we began to feel sorry for its future of neglected. This old cat needed a second wind, but how? Its got a Stuck 289... rotted frame... what could possibly be done? How about Unseizing the engine? There's lots of people who go through the process of pouring fluids down the cylinder only to have no luck in the end... So we thought, what can be done to take things one or a few steps further? Strip the heads off... but that doesn't mean it'll free up! What else could possibly be done?
    Well, what's everyone's go to when removing rusted stubborn nuts/ bolts? You Guess It! Oxy-Acetylene! We put the heat to this 289SBF and make it free once again! Anyone could've said, Scrap it... went and picked up a 5.0L roller engine and called it a day! But I wanted to do this as a little experiment! Will it run... I don't see why not! Will it run great? Probably not, but like I said... most would've sent it to the metal scrap! Anyways stay tuned for the next episode to see if we can get this Ol Cougar to purr once again!

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