Kehlani - Nunya (feat. Dom Kennedy) [Official Video]

  • Published on:  Wednesday, February 20, 2019
  • The official video of "Nunya (feat. Dom Kennedy)" by Kehlani from the mixtape 'While We Wait'.

    'While We Wait' available now -

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    The official YouTube channel of Atlantic Records artist Kehlani.

    The Grammy Award-nominated R&B/pop songstress Kehlani caught the ears of many with 2015’s You Should Be Here earning her a 2016 Grammy Award for “Best Urban Contemporary Album.” In 2017, she revealed her debut album SWEETSEXYSAVAGE which ushered in the gold-certified singles “CRZY” and “Distraction.” In October of 2017 she introduced “Honey” which accumulated over 63 million streams worldwide. In 2019, she collaborated with Ty Dolla $ign on her single “Nights Like This”.

    Aside from the music, Kehlani has ventured off into the tech industry with her health and wellness startup, Flora. “Bridging the gap between my career, activism and my audience is important to me as a next step,” says Kehlani. “I look forward to creating positive change and making strides in tech.”

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  • Ramón E. Romero S.

    Ramón E. Romero S.

     12 hours ago +1

    La tierra tiene una luna nada más pedasos de.....

  • Niya Walker

    Niya Walker

     18 hours ago

    Kehlani A G she the new century hot shit from a bi sexual sexy ass to her boss Oakland shit

  • Charletta Warren

    Charletta Warren



  • Michelle Ensley

    Michelle Ensley


    Yup that right loves her music 🥰

  • Bruna Almeida

    Bruna Almeida

     2 days ago

    Essa foi a minha música de 2019, eu escutava todos os dias, ao acordar a ir dormir, pq eu precisava entender que acontece na minha vida é conta daquele amor abusivo, que me feriu e me culpou. Obrigado por esse hino kehlani, eu te amo, você fez a diferença em minha vida!

  • Corina Atkins

    Corina Atkins

     3 days ago

    Kehlani Nunya she tell the truth about Nigga In 2020!

  • MiniBasketballMara


     4 days ago +2

    I would turn gay for this girl wtf 😭she's so pretty😍

  • GKS


     4 days ago

    The rap wasn’t needed. Is not the first time kehlani has an amazing song and the rapper’s verse is just bad.

  • Justin Crayton

    Justin Crayton

     5 days ago

    Such a good song with DOODO ASS TRASH RAPPING 😒....she could left that weak ass shit off

  • JUNii0R AGUiiLÅR

    JUNii0R AGUiiLÅR

     6 days ago +5

    Dom Kennedy should've stayed out of the song smh

  • LAMONT Allen

    LAMONT Allen

     7 days ago


  • Aisha shabazz

    Aisha shabazz

     7 days ago


  • Mii Amourr

    Mii Amourr

     7 days ago

    She did her shittt 🤞🏽💯 Energy all 2K20🎯

  • Caiky Wally

    Caiky Wally

     7 days ago

    my looooooov all

  • Michael Mike

    Michael Mike

     7 days ago +8

    Anyone in 2020?

  • Vay Vay

    Vay Vay

     7 days ago

    2020 she look just like cardi b

  • Tasha Burton

    Tasha Burton

     14 days ago

    🔥🔥🔥🔥had to play this some more❤️❤️❤️

  • Lani Walker

    Lani Walker

     14 days ago

    Virgo Anthem

  • Marcella Jones

    Marcella Jones

     14 days ago +1


  • Ariana Kee

    Ariana Kee

     14 days ago

    My Gosh!! Shes a Humble Queen 👑💕 #staydoingyouGirl