Late Night TV Needs to Change

  • Published on:  Wednesday, November 27, 2019
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  • Eddy Burback

    Eddy Burback

     1 months ago +7541

    me: im doing the main network hosts on air to narrow it down

    you guys: you forgot this host that isn’t on a network or isn’t on the air!!!

  • anx


     2 hours ago


  • Noah2x4


     2 hours ago

    RIP The Pete Holmes Show you never had a chance

  • Ian Roberts

    Ian Roberts

     6 hours ago

    Your really good at this

  • Sadie Reynolds

    Sadie Reynolds

     8 hours ago

    miss u plz make a new video ): you rock 🦔



     8 hours ago


  • the one and only buddha

    the one and only buddha

     9 hours ago

    When you gonna revisit terrible films? Cracks me right up I'm sure I'm not alone on that one

  • Jetfire725


     11 hours ago

    Ferguson is the goat hands down. The dude killed it with no band, a robot skeleton sidekick and a horse.

  • Chico shizu

    Chico shizu

     12 hours ago

    Where is Eric Andre?

  • Alice Gaines

    Alice Gaines

     12 hours ago

    Is he giving off mad Barry Bluejeans energy or is it just me

  • Average Liyahhh

    Average Liyahhh

     19 hours ago

    hey eddy, i miss you💔

  • I want your pussy in my anus

    I want your pussy in my anus

     21 hours ago

    Jimmy isn't political?

  • Meta snoosnoo

    Meta snoosnoo

     21 hours ago

    All them are just annoying orange man bad.wav loops. can't wait until they all get replaced by Joestars.

  • Ratzler



    The cringe endured by watching Lilly Singh is just unbearable

  • Michael Lupu

    Michael Lupu


    Thank you for the video. I too believe that Conan is the best because I loved him the longest; I used to watch him daily in the early to mid 2000's when I was a teenager, but since he moved to California and had his soul crushed by the switch to TBS, I felt like his vibe became unappealing, compare to his Late Night years; He developed an aloof bully personality that can't be bothered to invest energy into his skits because the quality of production around him is so poor.
    But he when he's not acting like a dick, his heart of gold comes out and he reveals his class that he always had.
    I used to like Colbert when he just got the Late show but after 2 months of Trump being in office, I tapped out, because it got relentless, like you said.

  • Austen Almendinger

    Austen Almendinger


    “To young for letterman” I’m 13 and I watched letterman so don’t say you were to young for him

  • Cody Ko’s Chode

    Cody Ko’s Chode


    Your merch link isn’t working

  • itachi uchiha

    itachi uchiha


    I think they need to butt out of politics, like they know whats really happening they know as much as we do(this is befor the ads even ended)

  • 57uff 57uff

    57uff 57uff


    “These are the first high end headphones I’ve ever had, so I know audio quality”

  • Alex Potts

    Alex Potts


    Sue me, I love John Oliver.