Toyota 2JZ Engine Build - Full Start to Finish

  • Published on:  Sunday, March 3, 2019
  • Watch this engine's teardown video:
    Measuring main bearing clearance video:

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    The Papadakis Racing team began drifting in 2004 and is the most winning team in Formula Drift history, earning the 2015 title with driver Fredric Aasbo, as well as back­to­ back championship titles with driver Tanner Foust in 2007 and 2008. The Rockstar Energy Drink / Nexen Tire Toyota Corolla Hatchback is the latest competition build from the Hawthorne, California, based team.

    Team owner Stephan Papadakis is a legend of sport­ compact racing who began building his reputation in the 1990s with the first front-wheel ­drive, tube­-chassis drag car in the U.S. The team earned multiple records and championships in the discipline, turning in elapsed times and trap speeds previously thought unattainable in front­-drive drag cars. Papadakis' successes in front­-wheel drive were matched by his efforts in rear­-wheel drive when he campaigned a Honda Civic that became just the fifth car to join the NHRA's Sport Compact 200 MPH club
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  • Josh Media

    Josh Media

     12 hours ago +2

    okay so question i life in the Netherlands and these engines are like super rare here and if you find one its like 10k for a crappy one and i was wondering how much it would cost to get one done in the us for like a single turbo 2jz around 500/700 hp all the wiring and ecus and stuff basically a crate engine if you want to call it that i would like to see some prices :) o and for the peeps wondering i want to put it in a volvo 240 station :)

  • Sakis Headbanger

    Sakis Headbanger

     17 hours ago +1

    Papadakis?? Where are you from my friend? Are you Greek?

  • DeathRowRecords


     yesterday +1

    Is this a GE or a GTE?

  • Mithilesh Ramhit

    Mithilesh Ramhit

     2 days ago

    Bored engine to .25 but using standard toyota mls head gasket?

  • Aang sahaja

    Aang sahaja

     3 days ago

    what is the price of 2jz engine

  • Aang sahaja

    Aang sahaja

     3 days ago

    Like toyota 2jz

  • Aang sahaja

    Aang sahaja

     3 days ago


  • Zexera


     3 days ago

    Is it ok if I touch the mains?

  • Сергей ЧС

    Сергей ЧС

     4 days ago

    Кольца одевает грубовато

  • Ashish


     5 days ago

    too bad i wanted it fitted on the car and see it running but the video is so goooooood

  • iyot1020


     5 days ago

    would it decimate all after you overnight parts from japan



     5 days ago

    You're god

  • Marko Mihajlovic

    Marko Mihajlovic

     7 days ago


  • Miguel E

    Miguel E

     7 days ago

    Outstanding video. Thank you.

  • Dan Mahoney

    Dan Mahoney

     7 days ago

    You nailed it! It’s amazing how similar this engine is compared to my lil 450 dirt bike motor. Makes me want to learn something new! Thanks

  • A7mad Aljasar

    A7mad Aljasar

     7 days ago


  • Andy G

    Andy G

     7 days ago

    If i ever want an engine rebuilt, id pay double just to have you do it instead of anyone ese, i love the amount of care and precision, plus the way you are always double checking things.
    top work man.

  • 211212112


     14 days ago

    How you get the head alignment dowels out? I couldn’t get em out my 3VZ without damaging em

  • Malik Kamran

    Malik Kamran

     14 days ago

    Great master

  • Smoo Smoo

    Smoo Smoo

     14 days ago

    Hi, Am in Kenya. can you bullied one 2jz engine for me and ship it to Kenya? and how much will it cost me? i am interested.