Craziest Pop Culture Conspiracy Theories | The 10s (React)

  • Published on:  Tuesday, February 26, 2019
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    Conspiracy Theories with Shane Dawson

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    Craziest Pop Culture Conspiracy Theories | The 10's (React)
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     10 months ago +2740

    Watch all 10 Pop Culture Conspiracy Theories along with us, or skip ahead to your favorites!
    Beyoncé Faked Her Pregnancy: [0:58]
    Netflix Made Fake Bird Box Memes: [2:36]
    Pokémon Go Is A Government Psyop: [4:00]
    Disney Made Frozen To Hide Search Results: [5:47]
    Keanu Reeves Is Immortal: [7:34]
    Nicki Minaj Slowed Down Sounds Like Jay-Z: [9:19]
    O.J. Simpson Is Khloé Kardashian's Father: [10:14]
    J.K. Rowling Isn't Real: [11:58]
    Katy Perry Is JonBenét Ramsey: [13:11]
    NASA Faked The Moon Landing: [14:42]

  • Habana Zarranz

    Habana Zarranz

     10 months ago +4

    But yeah let's skip over Tangled and Brave

  • Brittany Satterley

    Brittany Satterley

     10 months ago +6

    I'd sooner believe that JK Rowling is actually Hermione writing about her best friends life.

  • MariM


     10 months ago +1

    19:29 yooo tfue

  • Steph Mitchell

    Steph Mitchell

     10 months ago

    The myth busters disproved it tho 😭

  • BlingBling isJonghyun

    BlingBling isJonghyun

     10 months ago +1

    Honestly, I’ll forever be suspicious of the moon, lmao. 😂😂😂

  • Dave J

    Dave J

     10 months ago

    The only one that's semi plausible is Netflix. It's amazing how easily common sense can be suspended.

  • Ruma Alam

    Ruma Alam

     10 months ago +8

    Wait in bird box did they know what the monster was becuz if they were blind folded how would they know there was even a monster🤔????

  • Laci Bourgeois

    Laci Bourgeois

     10 months ago +5

    Jojo is that you

  • Lust Barry plays

    Lust Barry plays

     10 months ago +1

    Nice video

  • Ryan Rafter

    Ryan Rafter

     10 months ago +3

    When Dionte takes off his headphone he has a headphone indent

  • kyler is trending

    kyler is trending

     10 months ago +3

    anyone else hear that laughter at 15:56

  • Warriors Hh

    Warriors Hh

     10 months ago +2

    I’m crying about the Harry Potter thing I also think that jk Rowling is redder scetter

  • emery wesley

    emery wesley

     10 months ago +2

    Where’s e?

  • Co Duss

    Co Duss

     10 months ago +43

    I always thought Beyonce probably had a surrogate for her daughter, not necessarily that she isn’t the biological mother... and kinda always believed the OJ/Khloe thing! The rest is pretty much crap

  • Manny E

    Manny E

     10 months ago +11

    It was called frozen because 2 films before the princess and frog underperformed at the box office and Disney attributed it to younger boys not wanting to see a princess movie. Afterward they decided to the name the next film Tangled and they got higher returns. Hence frozen, whose marketing campaign featured more about Olaf then the princesses to entice both genders to see it.

  • mary0__0ma


     10 months ago +4

    Lene is so pretty ❤️

  • Anonymous y8

    Anonymous y8

     10 months ago +11

    They don't explain well the theory, they don't show the evidence.

  • Natascha Lotze

    Natascha Lotze

     10 months ago +8

    there's a difference between a "conspiracy theory" and a marketing trick? (referencing the netlix thing)

  • correa_ fresh

    correa_ fresh

     10 months ago +25

    ShAnE dAwSoN hAs LeFt ThE cHaT