I Lost To a FREAKING MINIVAN! It Was a 150mph SLEEPER!

  • Published on:  Sunday, January 21, 2018
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    This is likely the most epic fail I've ever had!

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  • Source: https://youtu.be/AbMQDN6F1uU


  • Cleetus McFarland

    Cleetus McFarland

     a years ago +1831

    Hondas are my Kryptonite... Thank goodness I got him on the second race or I was deleting the channel lol!

  • Gary Rosema

    Gary Rosema

     3 days ago

    You need driving lessons

  • Blastedlife420


     7 days ago

    cleetus crying about how cold it is man thats boost weather get used to it

  • Nick Potter

    Nick Potter

     7 days ago

    Where I live 30 degrees is t-shirt weather

  • Adam Kadmon

    Adam Kadmon

     7 days ago

    Jumbolaire.....in Anthony, FL.
    That's where John Travolta has his mansion (built like an airport terminal).

    Cool how they let y'all use their runway.

  • Connor Smith

    Connor Smith

     14 days ago +1

    It’s crazy to watch how far you guys have come just in the past year

  • Zacchaeus Wimberly

    Zacchaeus Wimberly

     14 days ago

    You act like you were surprised.🤣lol🤣. Everyone listen if you pull up on the line with a fast car and see a car that looks slow it's a trap.

  • Robby King

    Robby King

     14 days ago

    I been up to 210 mph on street tires and yeah, that car didn’t have much traction taking off

  • Eased


     14 days ago

    Cleetus you cant drive for shit. You look and act like your mom drank heavily while you were a fetus

  • David King

    David King

     21 days ago


  • CreationsByElder


     21 days ago

    Dang, looked like a ton of gravel and junk flying up on that first run! Holy crud

  • Shire Cain

    Shire Cain

     21 days ago +2

    2 years old. Kyle looks looks such a dork 🤣

  • No1Gr8ter1


     21 days ago

    Leroy can beat my mustang in a race but can cleetus shotgun faster than me? The world may never know

  • Robert Kukulis

    Robert Kukulis

     21 days ago

    Eclipse, Honda minivans ... dude ... there is a tendency

  • maDSard Thung

    maDSard Thung

     21 days ago

    Very coolll side by side race😍🤩

  • Max Jones

    Max Jones

     a months ago +1

    This is what racing is really about. It’s about going fast to go fast: and we just sometimes win and sometimes lose.
    We all go fast.

  • Mickey Beahl

    Mickey Beahl

     a months ago

    What is that frame?

  • Ricardo Martinez

    Ricardo Martinez

     a months ago +1

    You guys should do a race he with the mr2 and you with the car you used these race

  • David Tebbitt

    David Tebbitt

     a months ago

    You keep saying that you are gonna put the radial tyres on...all modern tyres are radial in construction. The only other type of tyre is crossply. These are usually used on classic cars for a period look and feel but the crossply construction means they handle terribly. Surely you're not running crossplys are you????

  • twitchosx


     a months ago

    Can somebody explain to me how some kid who looks like he's 15 but is probably 19? got enough money to make a mini-van go 150mph in the quarter mile?? I don't get it.