trying to deep fry ice cream

  • Published on:  Sunday, January 12, 2020
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  • Cory Escobar

    Cory Escobar

     6 minutes ago

    Make arepas!!!! you can make them on the pan with a little bit of oil or you can fry them with a lot of oil! its delicious and also vegan! Venezuela in da house

  • Rock LeRock

    Rock LeRock

     46 minutes ago


  • toanewday


     an hour ago

    Every couple living together
    Guy: it's not even messy!
    Girl: what are you talking about its a disaster.

  • Nania Unruh

    Nania Unruh

     an hour ago

    Eat as much as you want, all bodies look good!

  • Riley J

    Riley J

     2 hours ago

    Julien should make homemade twinkies

  • Ginny Rose

    Ginny Rose

     2 hours ago

    i also love how after doing all this himself, julien says "we did it" best friend ever :)

  • Ginny Rose

    Ginny Rose

     2 hours ago

    juliens "1- 1.5 tsp" of cinnamon is 2020's "2 shots of vodka"

  • pkkasen


     2 hours ago

    as a southerner, i can assure you that you can fry other things with corn flakes. my whole family has always made fried chicken with corn flakes as breading

  • HalfelfHalfling Bard

    HalfelfHalfling Bard

     3 hours ago

    Julien something you can fry in corn flakes is atually Quorn. Apparently (according to a friend of mine) it makes a good substitute for popcorn chicken if you finely crush the cornflakes and add some spice to them (whatever you likw) and then fry them

  • cindy blanco

    cindy blanco

     3 hours ago

    Jenna showing up at the end not knowing what is happening
    Julian: we did it baby. I'm proud of us

    I love them hahaha

  • Evelyn Chavez

    Evelyn Chavez

     4 hours ago

    You should make more Mexican recipes! Enchiladas would be great! Most people make/eat the chicken ones but I grew up eating some made with just potatoes

  • coffee is life

    coffee is life

     4 hours ago

    reading title deep fried ice cream!! Julian you fucken Genius.

  • Tyler Eckstein

    Tyler Eckstein

     5 hours ago

    Crush the cornflakes in a food processor with the cinnamon bro. You whip egg whites usually to incorporate may be incorporating air into the chick pea juice when you whip it so why not? Also the fryer wouldnt be such a mess if the cornflakes were smaller and it would protect the ice cream inside better but coating it more.

  • zm rh

    zm rh

     5 hours ago

    a cheese cake factory is about to explode out of that maze within kitchenette

  • Dragonfly


     5 hours ago

    Julien: calm and concentrated for whole video

    Jenna: walks into kitchen


  • Zebra Stripes

    Zebra Stripes

     8 hours ago

    Spent almost half an hour watching julien trying to deep fry ice cream

  • Maria G. Ochoa

    Maria G. Ochoa

     8 hours ago

    I’ve done this before, but easier, you take the ice cream and in order to shape the ice cream easier you can wrap it with plastic so it’s not nasty on the hands, and before covering it with corn flakes you flat wonder bread and you cover the ice cream with a nice layer of flattened wonder bread, which covers the ice cream so it’s easier to fry. Then you leave it in the freezer all night, and then proceed to deep fry by covering the ball of wonder bread - ice cream. This protects the ice cream and gives it an amazing crunchy layer. You can use tempura mixture to easily coat the ice cream ball which will make it sticky enough to cover it with corn flakes :)

  • Xavier Veiga Malta

    Xavier Veiga Malta

     8 hours ago

    Who’s watching this in 2019

  • Callmepeajay


     8 hours ago

    Ok but two words... FRENCH👏🏼TOAST👏🏼

  • Alisha


     9 hours ago

    I wanna see Jenna reacting to these DISGUSTING aries videos. I wanna see her REGRET tasting his food. Love u both xoxox