10 Products You Wouldn't Believe People Actually Buy!

  • Published on:  Tuesday, July 2, 2019
  • 10 Products To Get REVENGE On Your Frenemies! ➡ https://www.youtuclip.com/video/g4Oj1KxRPNs/video.html
    10 Products That You Can Customize For Yourself! ➡ https://www.youtuclip.com/video/jqPAO9DOHZY/video.html

    Join us today on DOPE or NOPE as we unbox 10 products people ACTUALLY buy! Do you think these products worth spending money on or nahh? Let us know in the comments which product you would buy or if you wouldn't even dare to spend your money on something so absurd such as these products!

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  • DOPE or NOPE

    DOPE or NOPE

     3 months ago +3565

    wow, you are all looking so beautiful today. I legit can't believe my eyes. What was your favorite product from this video? Also, send us all the weird products you find to our Twitter Accounts, and they might make a video. K love you bye!

    -Tan & Michael

  • Kasandra Nunez

    Kasandra Nunez

     an hour ago

    Tanner Soo Cute When He Yelled At 10:46 Soo Cutee!!!💜💜💜

  • monoclemelon redbow

    monoclemelon redbow

     12 hours ago

    i'm hungry now.

  • Gali Skates

    Gali Skates

     14 hours ago


  • Cassandra Bird

    Cassandra Bird

     21 hours ago


  • Dutch1Gaming


     22 hours ago

    The ostrich pillow.
    The same from dude perfect overtime 11

  • Cat C

    Cat C


    At 13:50 did anyone else laugh their head off because Tanner sounded like a teenager? halp, is dying.

  • cramorant Blair

    cramorant Blair


    15:28 its a shopping kart lol

  • cramorant Blair

    cramorant Blair


    15:14 ghost michael falls lol

  • johanis .3

    johanis .3



  • cramorant Blair

    cramorant Blair


    you cussed your nots soppost to say f**glers in a kids channel not means the f word and ugly

  • Archie Tauasi

    Archie Tauasi


    flushing frenzy

  • Josefina Vargas

    Josefina Vargas


    You are a boy you cant waer thet boy😝😝😝😝😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣😏😏😏

  • roblox war boy

    roblox war boy


    Wait mathias you wanna know why stuff are falling it cause there is a ghost

  • Spencer Ishee

    Spencer Ishee

     2 days ago


  • Maricor Evangelista

    Maricor Evangelista

     2 days ago

    Flushin freny

  • Cole Radcliffe

    Cole Radcliffe

     2 days ago

    I have did it to my baby sister

  • Jessica Alvarado

    Jessica Alvarado

     2 days ago

    Did anyone else realize on the thumbnail that the first picture the lines were going up and down, and the inside was horizontal

  • cynthia williams

    cynthia williams

     3 days ago


  • Norm Fay

    Norm Fay

     3 days ago

    I almost puke