5 Used SUVs You Should Buy

  • Published on:  Tuesday, March 5, 2019
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  • Source: https://youtu.be/BsUPlNlNhi8


  • Vipin


     an hour ago

    Hi Scotty I want to buy a new 3 row SUV with all the modern driver safety feature. Could you please let me know your top picks

  • Cecil Treadwell

    Cecil Treadwell

     6 hours ago

    What about te Toyota 4Runner?

  • Watching Brain

    Watching Brain

     10 hours ago

    Subaru Outback is better than them all.

  • Joseph Ulman

    Joseph Ulman


    Subaru?.....anybody.... Buehler?

  • Johnny Bravo

    Johnny Bravo

     2 days ago

    Jeeps always come with warranties so why not buy them. Nothing but Toyota's it seems with Scotty. Wrong

  • Steven Burdge

    Steven Burdge

     2 days ago

    One persons opinion that is based totally on his or hers own personal experiences is called “anecdotal evidence”. While I don’t doubt Mr. Kilmers experience as a mechanic or his knowledge on how to fix multiple vehicle problems; his opinions are limited to one person biased experience. I currently ow a 2012 Nissan Murano that I purchased used in 2014 with 40k miles on it. I now have 187,000 miles on it because I take care of it. I completed the vehicle maintenance on time and as scheduled. Nothing but synthetic oil, premium gas, coolant system flush and transmission fluid flush twice. Of course brakes and tires. My Murano runs and drives like the first day I took it home. My mother has one as well, taken care of properly and she has had zero problems. I’m not trying to say that the Nissan Murano is the greatest car ever but I’m just trying to make the point that one person’s experience and biases don’t mean a whole lot in the grand scheme of things.

  • Rich DV

    Rich DV

     2 days ago +1

    I’m surprised that the Touareg is not on this list!

  • Samantha Meyer

    Samantha Meyer

     2 days ago

    this is was so helpful!!! thank you!

  • Everything


     2 days ago

    Highlanders are bulletproof but I hate how they drive. Feels clunky

  • Shaun Brydon

    Shaun Brydon

     3 days ago

    Thoughts on the Honda crv 1999 2.0 300 000km should I buy?

  • scoldeddogproduction


     3 days ago

    I take all of Scotty's suggestions and do the opposite.

  • Renatta


     4 days ago

    What about Volvo? Or should I stick to Toyota/Lexus? Either way they all cost fortune.

  • gtbanna70


     4 days ago +1

    Thanks, traded in my X5 for RX 350 and loving it. No more fluid leak spots on my driveway.

  • Tyler Newman

    Tyler Newman

     4 days ago

    I have a 2018 Chevy Colorado ZR2, but it's costing me way too much money and I really don't use the truck bed. Was thinking about trading it in for a Jeep Grand Cherokee trailhawk, preferably a used one with the V8 engine option if I can find that. Maybe 2016-2019 depending on price and what I can find.

    Got plenty of time to look, since I gotta wait another 10-12 months until my truck hits positive equity.

  • Christina


     5 days ago

    What about LEXUS’ made in Canada? Are they as good as made in Japan? 🧐

  • Leopoldo Muniz

    Leopoldo Muniz

     5 days ago

    Scotty How about the Toyota Highlander Hybrid what do you think about to regular highlander you ever drove one.

  • Jean-Pierre Savoie

    Jean-Pierre Savoie

     5 days ago

    He seems to be as objective on the vehicles as my old 74 yo mother. As logic, as informed and as credible. Thanks for the fun !

  • Rob Christensen

    Rob Christensen

     5 days ago

    Just say no to foreign cars

  • James Outlaw

    James Outlaw

     5 days ago

    Have family member bought a 2018 Lexus rx330. So loud on the inside . Awful to ride in. Interior material is nice. Rear seat is like sitting on bricks. Front is comfortable. Just don't plan on talking to anyone while riding in it. Thigh my wife's o7 Honda pilot was loud till I rode in this thing. 07 highlander is worse than both

  • Sarah Sanchez

    Sarah Sanchez

     5 days ago

    Do a best vehicle with 7 seats video for familys with alot of kids. We have 4 going on 5