The Auction Corvette's NEW Turbo is MASSIVE... Will It Fit?? (guess the size!)

  • Published on:  Wednesday, April 10, 2019
  • Probably should've measured before we ordered...
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  • Robert Mobley

    Robert Mobley

     7 days ago

    Pickle relish on your dogs is the best, I know that some people love Mustard or ketchup or both, not me. I like mine with diced onions and pickle relish and sometimes crushed potato chips on them and when it's like that it's gone in "8.5 seconds" and there is nothing better than that!

  • Joseph Heffle

    Joseph Heffle

     7 days ago

    Sahlen's hot dogs

  • Charles Torruella

    Charles Torruella

     21 days ago

    Love it putting together a hot dog cooker with greasy fingers thats classic

  • Gary Meyer

    Gary Meyer

     28 days ago

    You’re at 1.62M by the time I got to view this video. I’m a pretty new subscriber. So, it looks like you all will be at 10M subscribers before you know it. I’ve said it a few times, but it’s great to see all of the positivity on this channel.

  • DIY Flamethrowers

    DIY Flamethrowers

     1 months ago

    Ketchup on a hotdog? Don't be asking for that here in Chicago. It's practically a felony.

  • Julius Roberts

    Julius Roberts

     1 months ago

    Guy working on the trans is sad panda

  • Hersh RV life on the road

    Hersh RV life on the road

     1 months ago

    Thank you youtube for that

  • Kendall Cunningham

    Kendall Cunningham

     1 months ago

    Y’all should put that gold YouTube thing on ruby somewhere!

  • Kohala Iron  Works

    Kohala Iron Works

     1 months ago

    Congratulations Guys!!!!!

  • Kohala Iron  Works

    Kohala Iron Works

     1 months ago

    Skeeter Killer...
    U guyz are NUTZ!!! (Good Kine Nutz).

  • chad hamill

    chad hamill

     1 months ago

    Where the cheese

  • Garrett Rye

    Garrett Rye

     1 months ago

    What do these guys do for a living? Where do they get the money to buy all of these cars and maintain them?

  • Frederick Hydrargyrum

    Frederick Hydrargyrum

     2 months ago

    Congratulations on receiving the gold play button :)

  • tz 250b

    tz 250b

     2 months ago

    Youtube and google pretty much HATE America and all we stand for! I am told they actually EAT bald eagle sandwiches during corporate events. Congrats on 1 million BUT I would make a toilet seat out of that award. GOD BLESS AMERICA!

  • Jimbo L

    Jimbo L

     3 months ago

    Hebrew Nationals ,best hot dogs

  • James The Real SirFishAlot Buchanan

    James The Real SirFishAlot Buchanan

     3 months ago

    when the car is about ready, you should take your drivers side door out and see if pilots who fly really fast things out in area 51 would put in X in their own personal art form in place of their names for security reasons to pay homage to those who do the things they do...

  • Bryan Nichols

    Bryan Nichols

     3 months ago

    Ketchup on a hot dog is wrong!!

  • jcnpresser


     3 months ago

    Hot dogs 🌭, Nathan’s famous are the best. That’s what they use for hot dog eating contest.

  • Nate SoFla

    Nate SoFla

     4 months ago

    Nathan's hot dogs. Hands down. No debate.

  • mike olinger

    mike olinger

     4 months ago