Here are all the problems with buying a cheap Bugatti Veyron

  • Published on:  Thursday, March 7, 2019
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    Tavarish ( really wanted Ed to buy the cheap Bugatti Veyron they found. Today he shares his thoughts on the project.

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  • VINwiki


     8 months ago +181

    You can get the Gated Community shirt that Tavarish is wearing here -

  • Joseph Quīnque

    Joseph Quīnque

     2 hours ago

    Should’ve pressed his bitch ass about that manual Mercedes, we didn’t forget, we want answers!

  • Nicolas


     12 hours ago +1

    Just take it to Los Santos Customs

  • 410 Kane

    410 Kane

     14 hours ago +1

    Cheap Bugatti still costs more than my house. Tavarish next project is a cheap Southwest airlines airplane. This guy restores everything.

  • gjle


     22 hours ago

    Stop worrying, It'll buff out

  • Roddy Evans

    Roddy Evans


    This dude is..... mysteriously annoying and arrogant.

  • Gary r

    Gary r


    Ls swapped bugatti

  • Jill Valentine

    Jill Valentine


    I think it was Rowan Atkinson's, aka mr. Bean. Doubt he meant to trash it. Probably gorped out on something.

  • Robi Flego

    Robi Flego

     3 days ago

    7:33 that streight up looks like someone was shoot in that seat, those spots on both the seats look like dried up blood.

  • Soo natubie

    Soo natubie

     4 days ago

    Why didn't you get it. If I had the means I would have done it. There are ways to get everything done without spending an arm and a leg especially when you are the head composite engineer at a major space travel/car manufacturing robotics company and habe access to autoclaves and the technology needed to repair the car with custom made aftermarket parts without the the high cost involved with paying engineers or the high cost of running the machined needed to make the wheels or body panels to spec. You guys if your reading this may want to contact me

  • Pacero


     6 days ago

    You talk too much!

  • JULU


     6 days ago

    Someone should buy it and make bugatti swaped mustang

  • Justin Beyer

    Justin Beyer

     6 days ago +1

    I love this dude’s can-do attitude.



     6 days ago

    I am a RepoMan here in Houston and I can assure you y’all can breathe and not hold your breath for that to come up for sale by the owner who purchased it because it was shipped out of the country to Dubai to be tore down and be used as parts for a exotic repair business there in Dubai. I watched the Bugatti be loaded onto a flatbed and placed into a container where at the port of Houston the customs did their thing with verifying all the paper work for the export and shipping to Dubai

  • Filip Dimitrov

    Filip Dimitrov

     7 days ago

    You could always LS swap it

  • matt brawner

    matt brawner

     7 days ago

    Would make a great ls swap chassis

  • Wasim Janjua

    Wasim Janjua

     7 days ago

    even after the restore who would buy it, probably a ricer millionaire lol

  • Zil Co

    Zil Co

     14 days ago

    So, if you could score this cars skeleton and parts for around $250k and send it off to the factory for a commissioned rebuild and now offer them $700k for the recertification/ rebuild, would it be worth it considering these go for $1-2 mil? Worth a shot. Just call the pros. These are bespoke vehicles. No forum. The coach works that build these look at them like children. I’d guarantee Bugatti would have at least a PR interest in restoring this car in house, let alone it’s body is not even twisted. Just wet. I’m sure I’ll see this car in factory form on the road again some day. In fact, Positive. This car is too special to let die, or worse, rest in pieces. 🤔😔

  • Alex DG

    Alex DG

     14 days ago

    New to this channel but I have a few questions; who’s Ed and what’s this guy’s name? I’m guessing they have their own channels? Is this channel either of theirs at all?

  • Gregory Timmons

    Gregory Timmons

     14 days ago

    That's insane. That is a car for BILLIONAIRES. No one else should do anymore than admire it as they gaze upon it but face it. Anyone would be sorry very quickly that they bought that car. Unless you could come out on parting it out but rebuild? Nope.