TOAST IS BACK! Putting Our Repaired 10.3L Supercharged Big Block Back In!

  • Published on:  Sunday, October 6, 2019
  • Tons of new live action today with Toast, check it all out and get ready for some freedom!
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  • Jon White

    Jon White

     21 days ago

    Where's the mullet

  • phil mortlock

    phil mortlock

     1 months ago

    We Aussies own burnouts, I love Merica but you can't do a burn outs for shit.

  • Junior 249

    Junior 249

     1 months ago

    toast is looking good...keep it up guys.

  • StephenTimesTwo


     1 months ago +5

    “Florida man running on meth ships car to Australia to smoke with other meth users”

  • Steve


     1 months ago

    Guesses for how long the flight will be from Florida to Australia?!?

  • Adam Blaknovski

    Adam Blaknovski

     1 months ago +1

    Cleets wasn't high enough..

    Puff puff pass Jezza, it's not a microphone

  • Darin Peters

    Darin Peters

     1 months ago

    Coop with the Kevin Hart @11:24

  • Kj16V


     1 months ago

    For everyone watching back on planet Earth, 127lb = 57kg.

  • TheRelentlessMonster


     1 months ago

    When your from England and 9 stone makes sense

  • kradhax0r


     1 months ago

    @cooper - trade your gf for one that is ok w/ you having a mullet and get on board w/ the rest of the team...... or marry the gf you have so she can't leave easily when you decide to grow a mullet like James.

  • skid man

    skid man

     1 months ago

    hey cleetus some motovation for you for ur oz trip bring on the toast

  • Cwb 931

    Cwb 931

     1 months ago

    I'd like for you guys to work on and customize my old 93 Chevy Siverado, but I'm poor plus taking care of my mom with cancer makes it impossible.

  • gingu


     1 months ago

    Hey guys.....this could be what you are up against Down Under! Sadly, it’s not mine. I have a “normal” one-6L, 2.2L Harrow charger....only around 600Hp/600ft/lbs torque LS2 :-). good luck!

  • Zachary Reece

    Zachary Reece

     1 months ago

    So instead of getting a decent cooling system, he rather just run methanol. Seems kind of like taking propophol if you can't sleep at night ..

  • GTORazor


     1 months ago

    Watching you guys trying to stab that motor was painful, lol. It was also entertaining, keep up the great content!

  • Dttocs


     1 months ago

    I live in Canberra. Hope Toast does the cruise, Really want to see/hear it. By the way a common Aussie saying for something F@#$%ed is "TOAST". Hey man that thing is F@#$^en Toast

  • Sisekelo Duma

    Sisekelo Duma

     1 months ago +1

    I haven't watched the whole video but I hope Toast got bigger exhaust headers

  • Kaleb Kowalczuk

    Kaleb Kowalczuk

     1 months ago

    You should run the pipes straight out the back or out the sides

  • Finn Gerrs

    Finn Gerrs

     1 months ago

    Flint460 go have a look at them burnouts and cars! Im a huge fan but you boyz are going to get laughed at in toast unfortunately!

  • ant k

    ant k

     1 months ago

    That blower need a eye bolt and you need a overhead crane...