Family Rides in TWIN TURBO RX-7.. (700 HP 8 ROTOR)

  • Published on:  Sunday, September 1, 2019
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  • David Thompson

    David Thompson

     13 hours ago

    Your grandfather is a petrol head, he was smiling like a 18yr old.I would be too!!

  • David Janvier

    David Janvier

     19 hours ago

    thats a lot of smiles per gallon

  • BigKidToys


     2 days ago

    Love the video, wish you had ran it through more gears. But I get it

  • Mclayne Balzly

    Mclayne Balzly

     5 days ago

    Sounds so good. Kinda like a v8

  • Cole Young

    Cole Young

     6 days ago

    Love this Mazda

  • Gezus Franko

    Gezus Franko

     7 days ago

    V8 rotor?

  • icykickflip


     7 days ago

    WAS that dude’s girlfriend

  • Allen Carabajal

    Allen Carabajal

     7 days ago

    Grandpa: Jesus fuckin Christ!

  • Joseph Bright

    Joseph Bright

     7 days ago

    Hell yea iowa grandpa got juice

  • Snake-Gaming WR

    Snake-Gaming WR

     7 days ago

    Telling his gf it's breaking up like she knows wtf he's talking about

  • angry zergling

    angry zergling

     7 days ago

    The first time I had my mom in my lowly Mustang GT and buried the throttle I made her cry lol. Only going from like 10mph to 60mph. The worst part is the car isn't even fast at all. But I felt horrible haha. Come to think of it she's never been in my car since and it's been over a year. >_> I'm worried she may not trust me anymore.

  • FURY


     7 days ago

    3:22 the F150 just disappears lmao

  • Gary Abbott

    Gary Abbott

     7 days ago

    I'm glad they have now ridden, in your car!

  • Mike C

    Mike C

     7 days ago

    they would shit themselves on a track

  • tyler tripp

    tyler tripp

     7 days ago

    Grammer... Please

  • Asa Mitchell

    Asa Mitchell

     7 days ago

    8 rotor more like a v8 why say 8 rotor and create click bait proper bullshiter.
    You do realise a 6 rotor naturally asperated makes over 800hp.
    An 8 rotor with twin turbos would make way more than a 1000 hp

  • Harley Me

    Harley Me

     14 days ago

    9 seconds? wtf 700 hp and you cant break 8's ... badly done.. 700hp is do much for that car given my acid dipped fairlane dropped low high 8's with a fucking 450 horse 428 cobra jet.

    lemme guess, lotsa horsepower, but no torque.... and I higly doubt its an 8 rotor considering a 4 rotor wouldn't FIT IN THAT CAR

  • Jay 0711

    Jay 0711

     14 days ago

    Am I really seeing one giant wheel tub all the way across the car.

  • K41Z0KU


     14 days ago

    Is this stock?

  • Alexis Gandara

    Alexis Gandara

     14 days ago