Top 10 boxing fights of the year on BT Sport in 2018

  • Published on:  Monday, January 21, 2019
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    2018 was a year boxing fans will never forget.

    From Deontay Wilder v Tyson Fury putting on a modern classic for the WBC heavyweight belt to Johnny Garton and Gary Corcoran going at it for the British title. Here's our list of the best fights on BT Sport over the last 12 months...

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  • Jijish Ma

    Jijish Ma

     6 days ago

    Vijendear sing vs Cheka
    Vijendar KO king

  • david garcia222

    david garcia222

     7 days ago +1

    gorditas con crema

  • les antoine

    les antoine

     21 days ago

    Damnnnn... that GGG guy got a serious chin

  • Richard Magee

    Richard Magee

     1 months ago

    "One of the greatsporting images of late is the back of Josh Warrington's head on the completely blood dashed canvas after the awe of the Selby win"

  • Richard Magee

    Richard Magee

     1 months ago

    "Bricktop Empire.."

  • Richard Magee

    Richard Magee

     1 months ago

    "Pink gloves shorts boots or any kit looks sht "

  • Richard Magee

    Richard Magee

     1 months ago

    "Wait a minute... is it only BT that allows an out of ring microphone count over the p.a over the ref?"

  • Combat Central

    Combat Central

     1 months ago

    My God, Frampton got one hell of a chin.

  • city terrace

    city terrace

     1 months ago

    Good stuff, but no need to include clinches in highlights.

  • Dean Winchester

    Dean Winchester

     1 months ago

    Tyson fury no1

  • Nico Johnson

    Nico Johnson

     1 months ago

    Great video learned a lot in a short span of time. Sharing this information forward as it is important!

  • Tekkerz Boyzzz14

    Tekkerz Boyzzz14

     1 months ago

    wilder won, 2 knockdowns a, fury none

  • Daniel Swithenbank

    Daniel Swithenbank

     2 months ago

    I got a head ache by the end of this video. 🥰👊 god bless all who put it all on the line.

  • Ben Shaw

    Ben Shaw

     2 months ago

    GGG won both fights. He was robbed worse than Tyson was

  • DeepBlueSky


     2 months ago +8

    Canelo did not beat Golovkin
    Golovkin won the 1st first fight
    And the 2nd fight was intact a draw...

  • Dan B

    Dan B

     2 months ago

    Wilder does what he does well

  • Mr. Madhatter

    Mr. Madhatter

     3 months ago

    Don't know why people saying Tyson got robbed when he got knocked down not once, but twice. the whole point of good defensive boxing is to not get knocked down like that. that is why Floyd Mayweather was undefeated, no one could even touch him. Tyson hits like a wet paper bag and still managed to get knocked down twice. the result was fair.

  • Chin pun

    Chin pun

     3 months ago

    Nothing is Referee

  • Charlie Sinden

    Charlie Sinden

     3 months ago +3

    ggg has a chin 😂

  • Erik Andersson

    Erik Andersson

     3 months ago

    So nice