KEEM KOSMETICS - Launch video! ( Keemstar Head Reveal )

  • Published on:  Monday, December 2, 2019
    Twitchy Kitty Champion T-shirt ►

    Special thanks to Transviolet for letting me use their song "Small Victory" check out their music on thier YouTube channel ►

    Thank you to MrBeast , Banks , Antphrodite , Rich Lux & Peter Monn for agreeing to be in this trolll.

    Also thanks to Shane Dawson & Jeffree Star for making an amazing doc & giving me the idea.

    PS: I asked Trisha Paytas, she said yes, seemed excited called her on shoot day & she actually ghosted me! TRUE STORY! lol

    Also PS: Originally i wanted to use the song Tati Westbrook used in her launch (GREAT SONG) but the artist couldn't cus Tati got exclusive rights allegedly & this was all a joke thought she would give me permission but she just IGNORED ME! I would have been fine with a "NO" but ignoring me all together? You never going to catch me with some halo beauty unless you see on halo 3!

    Also PS: I love you guys i hope everyone gets a good laugh from this & remember to unlock your inner clown at all times on the internet!
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  • DramaAlert


     1 months ago +3907

    KEEM KOSMETICS has officially SOLD OUT! Guys I never thought anyone would actually buy KK. Clearly did this for everyone to get a good laugh & was hoping sales would cover the cost of the video but it’s done much more than that. Thank you guys. Lol unreal!

  • kelsey corcoran

    kelsey corcoran

     22 hours ago

    Better not be hating on Shane come onnnnn 😂😩

  • I Ate The Other 51

    I Ate The Other 51

     4 days ago

    Ok but why do I want this?

  • Jess H

    Jess H

     6 days ago

    AJ McLean vibes here

  • Amy Kaur

    Amy Kaur

     6 days ago

    Let’s face it this is pretty lit

  • SammyMarie0721 xoxo

    SammyMarie0721 xoxo

     6 days ago

    The millennials believe EVERYTHING!!!!They do not discern satire and are so gullible!

    That palette fyre 🔥 !lol

  • Nick Bastos

    Nick Bastos

     7 days ago +1

    Fuck you i hate you so much.

  • t kring

    t kring

     7 days ago +5

    you’re truly, truly a piece of trash for making fun of shane and all the work he did with his pallet. that is so cold. you just lost a subscriber lol

  • omurice


     7 days ago +4

    Man don’t make fun of shane when you’re a drama channel lmfao dude the clownery

  • Charlotte


     7 days ago


  • Charlotte


     7 days ago


  • Charlotte


     7 days ago




     7 days ago

    Please don’t remove your hat again 🤦🏿

  • Pain


     7 days ago

    He looks good without a hat

  • Alex Geoffrey

    Alex Geoffrey

     7 days ago +1

    Says he can get 1M views of him playing checkers but he can’t even get 1M views on this. We only want keen for this news. No one cares about his junk like him giving cars away lol

  • cakeH


     7 days ago

    I think he was forded to do this

  • 2020


     7 days ago

    I forgot about Shane Glossin after watching this

  • Albanianator


     7 days ago +1

    As a joke, I'm going to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars into manufacturing a product and hope no one buys it, guys it's just a joke. It would of sold out even if you didn't pretend it was a joke, that's the joke.

  • abby rose

    abby rose

     7 days ago

    well now i'm broke

  • bubs_


     14 days ago +1

    Fuck you