Ep 308 - Sureeli's Wrath - Lapataganj - Full Episode

  • Published on:  Monday, May 25, 2020
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    Episode 308:
    Mishri and Sureeli finally end their fasting when their town hall clock strikes six but Chotu reveals that the clock was forwarded only to break their fasting. Sureeli starts dancing in front of Lord Shiva in despair.

    About The Show:
    The satire in this show is aimed at us, at our society at our politics and our leaders through a fictionalized village called Lapataganj where the common man of India struggles every day and yet manages to keep a smile on his face. The show will yet again portray the everyday ailments in the life of the common man – in a very common setup of a typical fictionalized Indian village- Lapataganj.