Thomas Friedman On The World in 2019

  • Published on:  Thursday, August 8, 2019
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    The world in 2019 is looking increasingly chaotic and unpredictable. Trump has declared a ‘national emergency’ over immigration at America’s southern border. A humanitarian catastrophe is unfolding in Venezuela, forcing the US to consider the option of military intervention. Britain is on the brink of a chaotic no-deal Brexit. Tensions between China and the West have skyrocketed after Trump’s trade war and the Huawei dispute. So who better to make sense of these unsettling and fast-changing times than Thomas Friedman, a writer described as ‘the most influential columnist in America’? A three-time Pulitzer Prize-winner and columnist on The New York Times, Friedman has been at the forefront of geopolitical and economic upheaval for nearly 40 years, from the first Lebanon War to the collapse of Lehman Brothers. He has written a series of bestselling books laying out the implications of globalisation, climate change and technological advance.

    In April 2019 Friedman brought his wisdom and insight to the world’s current predicaments: How should the West respond to an emboldened China? How do we rebuild the global economy so that it creates prosperity for everyone, not just the few? And how, above all, should we handle the tectonic shifts – technological, demographic and political – that are reshaping our world today?
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  • Scrambled Greg

    Scrambled Greg

     13 hours ago

    Um.. aahh....Um.

  • Manu Singh

    Manu Singh


    "My country looks so much better bottom up than the other way round !"

  • I.M Gurney

    I.M Gurney

     3 days ago +2

    "..understand more, so we can feel less.."
    Onwards & Forwards.

  • ahmed duale

    ahmed duale

     4 days ago

    He is very smart guy

  • Lu Guy

    Lu Guy

     5 days ago

    Another hockey stick....the mother of...... his whole argument is on Moore’s law, but the jest of his entire point is well taken. Climate Change apply that to Moore’s law to that. Still very informed man. As a collection of themes, his straight as an arrow.

  • Glenn Garcia

    Glenn Garcia

     5 days ago

    Until I heard New York's Time at the intro I stopped watching.

  • Dale J Munk

    Dale J Munk

     5 days ago +1

    Almost word for word the first 5 minutes to your video "Thomas Friedman on Thriving in the Age of Acceleration" in 2017

  • Cameron Webb

    Cameron Webb

     6 days ago


  • David Leahy

    David Leahy

     6 days ago

    No false news in the New York Times, only in cyberspace according to this chief propagandist.

  • David Leahy

    David Leahy

     6 days ago


  • David Leahy

    David Leahy

     6 days ago

    The USA is amplifying the suffering of the citizens of Venuzalia and Iran. He is definitely a bullshit artist. Singing the mainstream narrative. Jordan's main problem is that it is construct of the western powers when it carved up the middle East.

  • David Leahy

    David Leahy

     6 days ago

    Is his wife actually a CIA agent??

  • David Leahy

    David Leahy

     6 days ago

    The USA was very lucky they were able to dominate all these institutions that were formed after WW2 - United nations (built in New York), Security council veto system; The IMF and the World Bank, enabling the corporations to rape any country that is forced into austerity to repay their loans, etc.

  • David Leahy

    David Leahy

     6 days ago

    It is interesting to see Thomas Friedman blame Donald Trump for an imperialistic aggressive foreign policy that has been in place since WW2, if not earlier.

  • Museum of Drawing

    Museum of Drawing

     7 days ago +1

    I gave up at 15 UM's. You fail Toastmasters.

  • Legal Fiction Natural Fact

    Legal Fiction Natural Fact

     7 days ago +2


  • Stephan Baish

    Stephan Baish

     7 days ago +2

    27:15 "i'm in the buiness of helping people understand more and fear less. I MAY GET IT WRONG but that's what i'm trying to do. So many others have a business of making people stupid, confused, and angry. I have great contempt for that."

    Excuse me but when you GET IT WRONG (which is practically always), Mr Friedman, you are exactly that for which you claim to have contempt!

  • Mr. Stan

    Mr. Stan

     7 days ago +3

    Drinking game - take a shot ever time Friedman says umm ahh. You're killing me Tommy!!

  • LANVY Wynn

    LANVY Wynn

     7 days ago

    Thomas was clearly annoyed at the host who failed to listen (neither to Thomas nor the audience). Next time, don’t rush your guest out of an interesting discussion. Thankfully for us all, Thomas is a pro speaker to the AUDIENCE.

  • Gregory Geare

    Gregory Geare

     7 days ago

    Tom, your insight paired with humility is really inspiring. Keep promoting those values, they impact more people than you know.