Shannon Sharpe: The Warriors were 'going through the motions' in loss vs Celtics | NBA | UNDISPUTED

  • Published on:  Wednesday, March 6, 2019
  • Shannon Sharpe and Skip Bayless discuss the Golden State Warriors' 128-95 loss to the Boston Celtics. Shannon agrees with Skip that this blowout loss was more about the Warriors than the Celtics, and explains what this means for playoff implications for both teams.

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    UNDISPUTED is a daily two-and-a-half hour sports debate show starring Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe. Every day, Skip and Shannon will give their unfiltered, incisive, passionate opinions on the biggest sports topics of the day.

    Shannon Sharpe: The Warriors were 'going through the motions' in loss vs Celtics | NBA | UNDISPUTED

    Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED
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  • Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED

    Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED

     8 months ago +84

    Are the Celtics the biggest threat to the Warriors?

  • Daniel Miranda

    Daniel Miranda

     8 months ago

    Bogut is 34 not 37, Mr. Skip...

  • piratelord89


     8 months ago


  • MaLJaY Worldstar

    MaLJaY Worldstar

     8 months ago

    5:55 "He doesnt have defense in his DNA" im dead haha

  • Kylynn


     8 months ago

    Warriors bench and defense has been trash this season tho..

  • Sammy Woo

    Sammy Woo

     8 months ago

    Warriors are going to "turn it on" and sweep you 'all for the playoffs.

  • Camden


     8 months ago

    6:09 37 year old Bogut?? is it 2022 or did i miss something?

  • Dani Morrow

    Dani Morrow

     8 months ago

    why does this video look animated??

  • All Roads Lead Here

    All Roads Lead Here

     8 months ago

    Nba world champion that's good

  • Bekillingyou1


     8 months ago

    Don't forget Mo Buckets!

  • U Even Grow Bro?

    U Even Grow Bro?

     8 months ago

    I was just watching today’s episode, which is Friday March 7th, and I jus had to come here and comment that Shannon’s suit LOOKED INCREDIBLE!!!!!! I was instantly drawn to the cut, the color/contrast vs his light use of little or no jewelry but some sharp glasses or a pocket square or some cuff links. Good Lord Shannon you looked amazing today my man!!! Js....... Skip much love for you forever dude!! Cold pizza, you and Stephen A, now you and Shannon have a fantastic show, it’s one of the reasons I cut cable and sub to FuboTV!! That said God Bless both you gentlemen! I’m a huge fan and tuned in! -Nik

  • Bob Humfree

    Bob Humfree

     8 months ago +1

    10 likes and I’ll lay down in highspeed traffic

  • ZaCrazy


     8 months ago

    Watch my livestream

  • Reginald Williams

    Reginald Williams

     8 months ago

    The Celtics get no respect

  • Zack Da Genius

    Zack Da Genius

     8 months ago +1

    In the thumbnail they got my boy Shannon looking like a sassy auntie lmaooo😂

  • GORKHALI Gamers

    GORKHALI Gamers

     8 months ago

    pls sub my channel

  • Tyler Flint

    Tyler Flint

     8 months ago

    Honestly Lakers now are trash LeBron got no one to help lonzo can't play healthy golden state vs healthy la golden state hands down will destroy them

  • Meme Israelite

    Meme Israelite

     8 months ago

    Everybody is going through the motions. They are no better than the Harlem Globetrotters....actors. Nice checkers jacket. Loud stereo typical Steve Harvey southern twang embarrassing man. That Caucasian mans eyebrows make him look evil. Wearing pink blue black green orange white and yellow in the background. He is in straight ceremony. Oh yeah this guy is the Beast. I get it.

  • Jake File

    Jake File

     8 months ago

    There is NO WAY there aren't a million awesome sports videos that get hundreds of thousands of more views

  • Jake File

    Jake File

     8 months ago