Project Neighbor GOES INSANE! Loses Tire, Catches on Fire, Overloads on FREEDOM, etc.

  • Published on:  Thursday, October 3, 2019
  • YEE YEE Project Neighbor gets to rip it up at Ford Fest Day 2 put on by Holley Performance and the NMRA! Freaking epic day!

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  • FOX Fox

    FOX Fox

     22 hours ago

    Hey, anyway I can get you to join a crown Vic group?

  • tyrannosaurus mex

    tyrannosaurus mex


    My condolences to Joe hunt and his family may he R.I.P

  • Logan Clark

    Logan Clark

     3 days ago

    I really wish cleetus would use the lights across the top more

  • Deloss92


     6 days ago

    That motor isnt gonna blow you kidding me....

  • American Psycho

    American Psycho

     7 days ago

    Wtf what if the gas tank blew?

  • William Short

    William Short

     14 days ago

    Sickest intro for a whileee

  • Alexander Grullon

    Alexander Grullon

     21 days ago

    You should ecoboost the new Vic

  • DeadPool2231


     21 days ago +1

    RIP Joe. I hope I have friends like this when I go!

  • Mark Green

    Mark Green

     21 days ago

    You should turn the light bar on when you do burnouts

  • Joe Baker

    Joe Baker

     21 days ago

    Cleetus: "Look they're drifting around BigFoot!" (BigFoot chuckles at the kids"
    BigFoot: "Let me show you how this drifting thing is done" (he then proceeds to mat the 2000hp funny car motor)

  • cloudy_ yamelrr568

    cloudy_ yamelrr568

     28 days ago

    You should do tadems with Adam lz

  • Junior 249

    Junior 249

     28 days ago

    Great video at Ford Fest !!!  Sorry for lost of your friend .

  • anthony carroll

    anthony carroll

     28 days ago

    i want the click bait motor when your done with it!!!! for FREEDOM Cleetus!!!

  • Palmetto Raised

    Palmetto Raised

     28 days ago

    The kid in the Mtn. Dew T-Shirt is just screaming "Stranger Things" xD

  • Gilbert Ellis

    Gilbert Ellis

     28 days ago

    One of the best videos I love watching drifting and love the way the car sounds.

  • Ogreckner Ryzaog

    Ogreckner Ryzaog

     28 days ago

    Neighbor is like the step child that gets beat on😂

  • Brad Stewart

    Brad Stewart

     1 months ago

    Great footage guys! RIP Joe

  • TheRideVibe


     1 months ago

    Ford tough baby

  • Scott Gordon

    Scott Gordon

     1 months ago

    RIP Joe.

  • Steveoh Jackoh

    Steveoh Jackoh

     1 months ago

    Hey cleeter just wondering, why dont you ever have the cop lights on when youre doing a burnout? Ive seen it maybe once right after you got it finished but i think itd be pretty sick to have the red and blues flashing through the smoke from time to time