Playing Bullet Pudding (GAME)

  • Published on:  Wednesday, March 6, 2019
  • We’re playing an old game called Bullet Pudding! Watch to find out who loses and winds up with their face covered in flour!  GMMore #1497

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  • Al E Gator

    Al E Gator

     5 months ago

    can anyone say "Scarface"? LOL

  • Royal Emerald Builder

    Royal Emerald Builder

     7 months ago

    "This is a mood!" 😁

  • Steven Dail

    Steven Dail

     9 months ago

    listen to your mom and go to grad school lol

  • Josefin S.

    Josefin S.

     9 months ago

    White powder and a bullet. What a fun kid's game!

  • 7033Joe


     9 months ago

    Looks like a 9mm, which is besides my point. However, you shouldn't put that cartridge in your mouth. The residue from manufacturing ammunition cartridges can be toxic. There are warnings on boxes of ammunition for a reason. Heaven forbid if we lose Cotton Candy Randy!



     10 months ago

    Missed opportunity for a Charlie Sheen joke.

  • DontBecomeAFangirl


     10 months ago

    My family played this game at birthday parties but we used a $2 coin (cleaned of course) and a desert spoon to scoop the flour away

  • SlayR


     10 months ago

    Jordan is real committed to the game, gonna give him that. That's the spirit!

  • Super Vidya Brothers

    Super Vidya Brothers

     10 months ago

    This might be one of my favorite good mythical mores. Jordan is such a lovable gaffy good, what a card!

    Can we maybe get this game again only its maybe something a little zestier? Maybe cool ranch pig anus?

  • Dusty Ninja 01

    Dusty Ninja 01

     10 months ago

    you are definitely becoming a meme, me im already on it

  • Lauryn Gibson

    Lauryn Gibson

     10 months ago


  • Kade P

    Kade P

     10 months ago

    I PLAYED a game at my friends house so first you make a big tall tower of flour then you put a gummy worm or just a gummy and you have a butter knife and you cut the flour with the knife then if the gummy falls without your hands eat the gummy

  • Cheryl Berg

    Cheryl Berg

     10 months ago +1

    christine looks so tiny compared to emily and jordan

  • Rae Ginter

    Rae Ginter

     10 months ago

    “Daddy gets a big scoop!”

  • Anthony Jones

    Anthony Jones

     10 months ago

    Anyone else want to see an episode where they invite a beat boxer to try and teach Rhett and Link?

  • John Burke

    John Burke

     10 months ago

    Always love Rhett's thinkers... @0:58

  • Toni Taylor

    Toni Taylor

     10 months ago

    Well now that was delightful 👵🏼😁

  • Todd Gibson

    Todd Gibson

     10 months ago

    Barney fife??

  • mrspaisley1


     10 months ago

    Anything video Jordan gets an automatic like from me

  • Laura Currie

    Laura Currie

     10 months ago

    Emily and Jordan are such a great duo