Film Theory: The Joker Is Not Real (Joker 2019 Spoiler Free)

  • Published on:  Sunday, September 8, 2019
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    This year we are getting a seemingly brand new take on the classic Batman villain, the Joker. This version stars Joaquin Phoenix as a failed comedian named Arthur Fleck - a new name for the old character. People are saying it's a whole new origin story for the Joker and I think that's true... but maybe not in the way most people are thinking. I think this Joker is not actually REAL! What do I mean? You're about to find out!

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    Writer: Matthew Patrick and Zach Stewart
    Editors: Dan "Cybert" Seibert, BanditRants, and Alex "Sedge" Sedgwick

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  • Michael Ioffe

    Michael Ioffe

     3 days ago

    Schizophrenics are not prone to violence. Also he was adopted with plenty of reason to believe that scene was real. Though I don't think pinning down his mental illness has any utility. Also, I dont think he does anything to impress the girl. Like what would he do? Go on the Murray show? There was precedential motivation for that already. Also he doesnt seem particularly paranoid, so it's unclear why exactly all the clown things would be a paranoid delusion about "the man." I think it's actually somewhat more likely that the clown symbol may have spring boarded from reports of his murdering but, as things often do, especially when the media gets involved, the symbol took on its own meaning, which is why he has to dis-identify himself with that meaning for the audiences watching him on Murray. If it were one of his grandiose delusions (and I don't believe grandiosity is a typical schizophrenic delusion, but I could be wrong), then he wouldn't do that whether in fantasy or otherwise. In the same vein, I don't think he ever saw himself as a leader of a rebellion until the end, and even then "leader" is a generous reading. Finally, the final words form the trailer are the penultimate signifier that arthur is the (prosocial) persona (as a function of society, which is what is meant by what he writes in his notebook) and the Joker is the actual person.



     3 days ago

    Everything starts in your head. Base on how you thing and how you were programed from birth to now is how you will see this movie. Everyone suffering from mental illness so only a only a few can see the truth without the mind control. The life you are living now is base on how you think so when you think someone else is crazy take a close look at self. Ask yourself this why did I like movie?

  • Four㐅


     3 days ago +2

    Hey! Good video. Hereditary part is wrong. He's adopted.

  • Rizky pitra ananda Riski

    Rizky pitra ananda Riski

     4 days ago

    heath leadger 💘

  • Xenia Valenurova

    Xenia Valenurova

     4 days ago

    Check out the fun game about the Joker -

  • Melissa Minerva

    Melissa Minerva

     4 days ago

    Ok, so Arthur Fleck has Schizophrenia? Then how do you explain the random laughing outbursts? That is not a symptom of schizophrenia.

  • Dagan kliever

    Dagan kliever

     4 days ago

    Iron man could have paid thanos to go away

  • Aon Arts

    Aon Arts

     5 days ago

    I live for “ aaaaaand cut.” Glad that’s back. Don’t ever cut my cut again.

  • glffcknwng


     5 days ago

    What movie is at 1:53 ?

  • Mikey Sheep

    Mikey Sheep

     5 days ago +1

    You got it right.... kinda

  • Daisy hates You216

    Daisy hates You216

     6 days ago

    The girl that he loved never was there it is in his mind

  • Racist Biscuit

    Racist Biscuit

     6 days ago

    Suicide Squad: gives us new joker Film theory: Thats not Joker. Joker: new joker Film Theory: Thats not joker

  • Ramsey Schaffer

    Ramsey Schaffer

     6 days ago

    this isn't the Joker, as the real Joker was doused in chemicals while BATMAN was chasing him. This is too early.

  • Az TheFallen

    Az TheFallen

     7 days ago

    Having watched movie now do you realize how far off your theory was?

  • Ocean Blue

    Ocean Blue

     7 days ago

    I don't think anything in the movie happened. But not for the same reason you do. If you read the comics, the Joker is KNOWN for lying about his origin. No one knows how he became the Joker not even his creator doesn't know or at least won't share. He's literally told the same Batman as in. in one cohesive canon, multiple different origin stories. While I did like the movie, I don't think that's any Joker's origin and I don't think we'll find out

  • Joe Hadrin

    Joe Hadrin

     7 days ago

    awww, is somebody salty because there was no Batman, no superhero battles?

  • Jenny clark

    Jenny clark

     7 days ago +2

    So you think they guy just THINKS he's the the Joker? Interesting. But if so, where is the real Joker?

  • Aaron Gutierrez

    Aaron Gutierrez

     7 days ago

    Who agrees that jokers official name should be John Doe

  • TinyPandaRed


     7 days ago

    I mean, I thought it was pretty clear that the scenes with the woman he was crushing on were delusions. He literally showed up in her apartment and she didn’t know who he was.

  • Aamir Wilson

    Aamir Wilson

     7 days ago

    So Joker is a rip-off🤔