Mob VS Tatsumaki (Mob Psycho 100 VS One Punch Man) | DEATH BATTLE

  • Published on:  Wednesday, November 6, 2019
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    Mob VS Tatsumaki's Bloopers!

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     5 minutes ago

    Check out the Bloopers of this episode here!

  • Vile


     18 minutes ago

    This broccoli almost made me hungry

  • Silence Bedlam

    Silence Bedlam

     21 minutes ago

    Me it would have been a more fair fight if it was saiki k vs mob .

  • KingSaki


     23 minutes ago

    This battle is bs

  • Darkwyy Arts

    Darkwyy Arts

     24 minutes ago

    i was searching for tatsumaki hentai.... and this comes out

  • TheBeast12567


     33 minutes ago

    Asta from Black Clover versus Meliodas from The Seven Deadly Sins!

  • Moraco Mole

    Moraco Mole

     38 minutes ago

    Tatsu now

    Mob in two more seasons

  • Paul Briggs

    Paul Briggs

     43 minutes ago

    Awesome dude let a kid literally show god powers beyond comprehension and then make tatsumaki smash with a meteor as if the meteor meant anything to mob. Absolute seriousness always overrules arrogance, no matter what.

  • I am the spy

    I am the spy

     46 minutes ago

    I take back what i said about you guys, i'm sorry

    This is truly a masterpiece

  • Me me big boi

    Me me big boi

     52 minutes ago

    Mob would never kill someone without a reason

  • Carlton Hall

    Carlton Hall

     an hour ago

    The comment section for this video is saltier than the sea.

  • Daniel Lugenbeel

    Daniel Lugenbeel

     an hour ago +1

    I know these videos are made for entertainment and are more than that, I love them! I would, however, like to raise 2 questions about how they reached the figures.

    1. The "bullets" Boros fired from his ship, what was the material they used as a base? If they used lead, like ours are, the numbers could be off. An alien with the resources at Boros's disposal could use something much denser like Osmium or some unknown superdense metal, which would allow them to be much slower to cause the same damage, thus bringing Tatsumaki's speed calculation down.
    2. (I don't know if this is explained in Mob Psycho, I've never seen it) They use the 143 KJ figure for the calculation of Mob creating such a giant florette of broccoli, but wouldn't this require it to have gained its mass from the ground? (again maybe it created a huge crater under the vegetable in the manga and I don't know) Otherwise, wouldn't they have to use the E=MC² figure to convert the energy directly into the mass, which would give a much larger figure for Shigeo's energy consumption-ability?

    I love your show guys, just wondering if these are valid. I thought they might be, considering how close you said the fight was.

  • Justas


     an hour ago +1

    5:49 Mujin Park would like to have a word with you.

  • themightyflog


     an hour ago be honest...we could very well ask the creator. He created both and he could tell you.

  • Xyera Zeerexz

    Xyera Zeerexz

     an hour ago

    Hey deathbattle who would win in a fight Arthas from warcraft 3 and wow who went from pally to death knight, or Cecil from FFIV who went from dark knight to Pally?

  • Ethan Sloan

    Ethan Sloan

     an hour ago

    And about tatsumaki saying nobody beats her cough cough GOD AND SAITAMA

  • Ethan Sloan

    Ethan Sloan

     an hour ago

    Why is it that when a character is at their final form they sometimes lose the battle

  • Arc Caravan

    Arc Caravan

     an hour ago

    For once the villain beats the hero in Death Battle.

  • master nate

    master nate

     an hour ago

    As much as i love tornado like i was rooting for her but i cant help but feel that shigeo absorption should have easily won the fight i mean the sassy child uses her psychic power to stop attacks from other espers but mob outright absorbs other psychic attacks like im glad my girl won but i feel it shoulda been closer

  • I’m O’ gallagherosaurus

    I’m O’ gallagherosaurus

     an hour ago +1

    Literally looks at comment 4 a sec and I now know who wins Wtf FLUFFY