NRA TV: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

  • Published on:  Sunday, March 4, 2018
  • The NRA's streaming lifestyle network aims to boost gun sales, often by using an ominous tone that would make just about anything sound terrifying...including muffins.

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  • James Smith

    James Smith

     7 hours ago

    Look, NRA is dumb. But gun control is also dumb. Actual reform does require some amount of knowledge of how guns work. More importantly, being realistic about current available technologies. If you have the knowledge and access, between 3D printing and new electrochemical techniques, you can make a fully automatic rifle in your garage that no one would know about.

    Some licencing is definitely something that could be done, but active reduction in gun use will require cultural change. Granted, I'm white, but we can all see how "easy" it has been to remove racism. Most importantly the cultural involvement of guns in American "history" is kind of a big deal. It's what made this country, especially the subjugation of the native population, let alone the trans-Atlantic slave trade.

    Basically, we do need gun control, but we can't just get rid of them all.

  • Shaunak Warty

    Shaunak Warty

     10 hours ago


  • VIII Maus

    VIII Maus

     10 hours ago

    Way to create more unnecessary gunphobia in our country, John!

  • Russell Yates

    Russell Yates

     12 hours ago

    Oliver - No comment on Colion Noir's content ?? Didn't fit your narrative? This whole topic is freaking hilarious

  • Ryan Elgie

    Ryan Elgie

     13 hours ago

    im not even an nra member or gun supporter but id be lying if i said that some of the guns don't look really damn cool

  • Johan Shiju

    Johan Shiju

     18 hours ago

    We actually have a Roku at home.

  • GodspeedHero



    Okay, but Dana Loesch looks like she REALLY likes Black dudes which I'm pretty sure is antithetical to the beliefs of the people she's representing.

  • theacme3



    mäh ...

    (seen better, if i want someone so shout at me for 10 minutes, i call my mother)

  • Gleb&Ksusha Partensky

    Gleb&Ksusha Partensky


    I'm still waiting for the backstory on that dog

  • Mrblondezilla _

    Mrblondezilla _

     yesterday +2

    “Video games cause violence”
    Me after watching this: ok

  • MrGreenthumb1000



    He never explained why it's such a bad thing that a company tries to sell products made by companies they're associated with. He didn't even explain that he thinks guns are evil or a bad thing at all. Just assumed that all good people hate guns. Moron

  • Henry Fuller

    Henry Fuller

     2 days ago

    When you hear "superbeets" does anyone else think of a superhero that Dwight Schrute (the office) would masquerade as?

  • Jayden White

    Jayden White

     3 days ago

    I'm watching this on my Roku right now.
    They must be doing something right to be called a big tech company.

  • Joey Veres

    Joey Veres

     3 days ago

    God Bless the nra

  • palmieres


     4 days ago

    4:05 Wow. And here I am, turning off my TV with a remote. Like a dirty, dirty socialist.

  • ZimmMr


     5 days ago

    Noticed that there's not even one dark skinned person?

  • bridge4


     5 days ago

    Never seen it. Its wild that people fall for their fear mongering

  • Enki


     5 days ago

    NRA memento mori!



     5 days ago

    Fools can’t wait to throw their rights away.

  • Elaine Luikart

    Elaine Luikart

     6 days ago

    That's nice, teaching bank robbery techniques