• Published on:  Tuesday, February 13, 2018
  • You know it’s going to be a good Cash Days when you’re in Dallas! This round was small-tire cars only, BUT we had big-tire cars like The Crow and Murder Nova show up to give the small-tire game a shot! With nothing but virgin roads, and a heavy police presence - you could say this year was a little frustrating for the racers. It might have taken 2 nights, but we were able to come out with 1 winner, who walked away with $4,000 CASH!
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  • 1320video


     a years ago +402

    To answer a common question, the face blurring was an opt in/out thing. Glad you guys are enjoying the video !



     5 days ago

    Damn, that S-10 is a bullet!

  • Yurem GuevaraGuzman

    Yurem GuevaraGuzman

     5 days ago

    si quema cuh

  • Paul Harris

    Paul Harris

     7 days ago

    Blur face still know Mikes voice. Lol

  • Clint Nahina

    Clint Nahina

     7 days ago

    3:40. The driver of HellBoy has a big look with a small voice! 🤣

  • older than you Cali

    older than you Cali

     21 days ago

    Parasites recording illegal racing on public roads, what's next, recording drive-by shootings?

  • TheObsessivePainter !

    TheObsessivePainter !

     1 months ago

    Blurred out...really? You should have told them to go home if they didn't like you recording them. That mustang drug chiefs ass.

  • Kyle Therriault

    Kyle Therriault

     1 months ago

    That blue truck is crazy fast.

  • chip smelcer

    chip smelcer

     1 months ago

    865 438 1356

  • chip smelcer

    chip smelcer

     1 months ago

    *65 438 1356

  • Troy Davidson

    Troy Davidson

     1 months ago

    I love these guys. Baddest hot rods in the world.

  • Random Guy

    Random Guy

     1 months ago

    guy: in that tiny truck

    Other guy: ThAtS NoT A tInY tRuCk

    Me: thanks captain obvious

  • Drew Marty

    Drew Marty

     1 months ago

    $4,000 for first place? Will that even replace the tires and wear ?

  • Hank Holzman

    Hank Holzman

     1 months ago

    Nice to see real small tire racing. Hope the cops were cool!

  • huck l berry

    huck l berry

     2 months ago

    who needs safty barriers, they got big trees to stop you :/

  • Legion of Gamers

    Legion of Gamers

     2 months ago

    I know that this is an older video, but DAMN M.N. truck is a bad motherfucker.

  • Marc Rover

    Marc Rover

     2 months ago

    If done correctly, this should be legal to do.
    You just have to make sure there is NO chance of pedestrian's getting injured.

  • Danny Aubuchon

    Danny Aubuchon

     2 months ago

    F u c k Shane . Byrd Brothers w o n

  • retro life91

    retro life91

     2 months ago

    3:40 thought it was mike "iron" tyson talking

  • SuperGixxerman1000


     2 months ago

    If you have to trailer ur car to the race it's not street racing