Samsung Galaxy S10+ Review: The Bar is Set!

  • Published on:  Wednesday, March 6, 2019
  • Samsung Galaxy S10 has set the bar for the rest of 2019!

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  • Prasanna Venkatesan

    Prasanna Venkatesan

     15 hours ago

    Awesome to watch your videos man!

  • Green Bay packers

    Green Bay packers

     yesterday +1

    5:45 little did he know

  • Shem Shem

    Shem Shem

     yesterday +1

    2:45 amazing way to show something bro

  • Jerry Caisip

    Jerry Caisip

     2 days ago

    Anyone know the name of the game at 1:23?

  • Jimmy Greer

    Jimmy Greer

     2 days ago

    Was looking to upgrade this Christmas from my S8 to the S10. But I think I'll just hold off for the S11. That phone sounds like it's gonna be a beast. And I hope they do some Galaxy Buds2 for the preorder customers. I dunno which I'd be more excited about. The 108 megapixel phone or some noise cancelling buds to rival the AirPods Pro.

    But you did get me wondering if the damn Bixby button is gonna find it's way onto the S11. I don't mind Bixby being on the phone but just please get rid of the button.

  • Gus


     2 days ago +1

    Can anyone ID the white adidas hoodie he is using?

  • Elijah Dela Cruz

    Elijah Dela Cruz

     5 days ago

    Samsung One UI: a step in the right direction

    Apple iPhone 11 pro, pro max, and standard 11 (according to JerryRigEverything and other reviewers): a step in the right direction

    And Budget phones getting flagship specs

    2019 smartphone summary: A step in the right direction

  • racerdom32


     7 days ago

    Which game is that at 1:24

  • Yajnesh Joglekar

    Yajnesh Joglekar

     7 days ago

    Whatelse I learned from this other than about the S10, is that you own a Tesla.

  • Aidehn G

    Aidehn G

     7 days ago

    I noticed it at the last second at 3 minutes lol

  • Mohamed S. Hassan

    Mohamed S. Hassan

     7 days ago

    i need your herlp. OnePlus 7T or Samsung Galaxy S10!?? price is not a factor

  • ozzman8


     7 days ago

    How much is Apple paying you when you have to mention their name in every video review you do??

  • Jan Carlo Cura

    Jan Carlo Cura

     7 days ago +1

    Even if i am late in the party, S10+ is a very good phone

  • Kevin Michael

    Kevin Michael

     14 days ago

    A bit late but bought my s10+ yesterday. 6 months after launch and it's already down $300 from the original price. This is the best phone I've ever owned

  • Shiladitho Deb

    Shiladitho Deb

     14 days ago

    A little Apple biased.....

  • RedstoneGodLike


     14 days ago +2

    My dad is buying me one next week
    I hope he isnt pranking me

  • Michaela hellomynameishealthy

    Michaela hellomynameishealthy

     14 days ago +1

    I broke free from Apple a little over a year ago and moved to Android with the pixel. The pixel 2 was great but the 3 was disappointing, so I jumped to the s10+. My only gripe is that I can’t seem to get photo quality like everyone else. I now have both this phone and the iPhone 11 pro Max and not sure I’ll survive the apple ecosystem again. But I do notice improvements in the camera for iPhone and I do enjoy the tempered glass screen protectors better than the films for S10+.
    Thoughts?? Help?? Am I doing something wrong with my camera use??

  • tanjid sakib

    tanjid sakib

     14 days ago

    the only drawback is the 60Hz screen

  • Disguise Power

    Disguise Power

     14 days ago

    Battery life on my device not that great. Maybe I watch to many video's 😎

  • Raphael Pabriga

    Raphael Pabriga

     14 days ago +1

    Thank you kuya Marques for reviewed the s10+ I love it that's my dream phone