This Kid Goes PSYCHO... Dr Phil Doesn't Know What to Do...

  • Published on:  Friday, October 25, 2019
  • This Kid Goes PSYCHO... Dr Phil Doesn't Know What to Do...

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    Dr. Phil has had its share of nutty kids before but today we meet the ultimate champ. Think the Kardashians are flashy and obnoxious? Wait till you meet fifteen year old Nicolette, none of the bratty teens that have been on Dr. Phil have anything on her. She wrote in and asked for Dr. Phil to intervene because her mom cut her allowance to a measly $2,500 a month. She did not expect to get owned in this way! from 0.00 to 0.06
    Nicolette’s mom describes her as spoilt, entitled and bratty. Hmmm… we wonder where she could have picked up those strange attributes and who’s being financing them, huh? from 0.06 to 0.11
    Nicolette shows us her purse collection and right now, I’m just staring at the butterflies come out of my empty wallet. She has a designer collection any woman would want to have and it’s no wonder she’s bratty. But hey, let’s see more before we judge her. from 0.14 to 0.19
    She describes her family as “quite affluent” and says that her mom should keep the lifestyle up because it’s the only life she’s ever known. Excuse me? Did I hear right? Expecting your mom to maintain a lifestyle you have never worked a day for is a proper joke boo! Get with it. Her mom described her as bratty and entitled and honestly, we get where she was coming from now. What energy to be around, sheesh. from 0.20 to 0.23
    Her mom tells us that she’s always had the best of everything and honestly, that’s no reason for you to be this entitled. What you need is someone to knock you upside the head and put some sense in you!
    Okay, now Nicolette’s bratty behavior and entitlement are starting to make sense. Her mom says that she doesn’t punish her and won’t take her stuff away because she “needs” them. No way! Again momma Nicolette, what your daughter needs is for you to smack her into next week so that she can start appreciating the things and the luxury that you provide her! from 3.09 to 3.28
    Turns out her mom sometimes takes things from her as punishment. Buuut, she says she almost always returns them because of what she calls, motherly guilt” that eats away at her. Hey lady, the only thing you should feel guilty over, is letting that bratty teen run over your life! If you watch closely from 3.20 to 3.25 you can catch the exact moment Dr. Phll owns her! “So you return the things because it makes YOU feel better and relieves your motherly guilt? So you’re doing that, for you.” Yes mother dearest, turns out, you have been taking the easy way out every time you try punish your bratty daughter and now you have created a Chanel monster!

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