We Bought A Smart Car...Turned It Into A 2+2 Wheelie MONSTER The NEXT DAY!

  • Published on:  Wednesday, December 4, 2019
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  • Source: https://youtu.be/LtOmOuobq6M


  • Fasterproms


     1 months ago +220

    Hey guys this was something else altogether wacky fun. If you enjoyed this tag someone and share the video and help us grow this channel! If someone needs a good laugh send it to them. We wanna brighten your days and inspire you guys! Please help support us we have a link to our fasterproms store in the link below! Thank you all. Here’s a link to my sons channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCK2akjvPuC_I5NkjRGN2uzA to watch a 9yr old drift!

  • Weems Wallace

    Weems Wallace

     7 days ago

    You need to put a couple casters on the trailer hitch

  • davidpaulin


     1 months ago

    You can easily turn off traction and stability on these.. press and hold both black buttons each side of the speedometer and while you hold them turn the ignition to the on position.. once you see a yellow triangle blinking you can start the car and everything will be off

  • Mike Giulivo

    Mike Giulivo

     1 months ago

    Coopers face is priceless

  • Low Nova

    Low Nova

     1 months ago

    I definitely didnt think I was going to laugh so hard at this but now I have tears running down my face . Awesome video

  • JMax 01

    JMax 01

     1 months ago

    The best episode ever!!

  • Ian Purkis

    Ian Purkis

     1 months ago

    Extreamly safe rigid cars believe it or not! The aluminium frame is very rigid like a survival cell! Look I
    Up the crash test footage!

  • John Weeks

    John Weeks

     1 months ago

    Need to Jack up the backend and make it stiff no give and then go for a ride

  • PatmonTV


     1 months ago

    It looks like soo fun i wanna try 😍😂

  • Christopher Edwards

    Christopher Edwards

     1 months ago

    I laughed so hard the whole video couldn't stop

  • Scott Goodman

    Scott Goodman

     1 months ago

    I shot soda out of my nose that is freaking the funniest thing I have seen in ages. I need to find a Smart car

  • Chevy sucks

    Chevy sucks

     1 months ago

    Cletus is going to get jealous for stealing his guys

  • Sean Martin

    Sean Martin

     1 months ago

    What’s your sons YouTube channel name

  • Ryan’s Guitar and Games

    Ryan’s Guitar and Games

     1 months ago

    Cooper looks terrified 😂

  • Mike Dale

    Mike Dale

     1 months ago

    Any bird: “You might’ve missed something...”

    Typical dude: *checks fly first.

  • Zack Roessner

    Zack Roessner

     1 months ago

    Please for the love of god twin tq amp this thing

  • Nathaniel Barbeau

    Nathaniel Barbeau

     1 months ago

    Mount one seat to the front grill! Probably need some stuffed rear springs. The More the merrier!!

  • DanLeeMann


     1 months ago

    Why not just put an exhaust clamp on the roof support and have the bolts go through a plate welded to the end of the pipe

  • JoeyLovesTrains


     1 months ago

    It has a bull bar and a hitch.........

    edit: What kind of trailer could you even pull with a smart car??? What kind of person at mercedes thought, "oh ya, we should put a hitch on our smart cars!

  • Lil420millie


     1 months ago

    A potato on a smart car is like what 2/3 cylinders 🤣🤣💀