Toast Dyno Day #3: FINALLY RUNNING AMAZING!!! 10.3L Big Block Makes ALL THE TORQUE!

  • Published on:  Monday, October 14, 2019
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  • Cleetus McFarland

    Cleetus McFarland

     1 months ago +2186

    Guys we just did the first burnout.... holy bald eagles 😎🇺🇸

  • wudecki


     3 hours ago

    Don't mean to be ignorant, just being curious. Why is the blower fogging up while the throttle is opening?

  • Moje Imja

    Moje Imja

     21 hours ago +1

    So, is it a supercharger un top of the engine? If so, why does it still makes only about a 1000hp?

  • MagnaLume Films

    MagnaLume Films

     23 hours ago

    awesome video and channel! cant wait to see Toast do burnouts :P

  • mike boxler

    mike boxler


    must be nice to be young and have the resources this young buck has. If I had that, id look at Boat racing....BIG horse power. My good buddy built a 1000 hp Cat that he runs weekly during the summer, we went on a small run, went back to the cove and he said, Mike put your hand on that blower. it was ice cold.

  • Lucas Meyer Bech Olsen 8C Østerbyskolen

    Lucas Meyer Bech Olsen 8C Østerbyskolen

     2 days ago

    what is the horsepower count?

  • Koolaid Man

    Koolaid Man

     3 days ago

    Hurry up with the dale truck I want to see it back again!!!

  • doren doof

    doren doof

     3 days ago

    Round about 1000hp?? Really.. from 10liter? Come to Germany and have a look at ours 2.2l 5 Zylinder with 1000ps. Or ours ls6 Motor with 5.4l and 1600ps. I‘m not impressed 🤷🏻‍♂️

  • Mr. 6 liter

    Mr. 6 liter

     4 days ago

    Just came here to say I like sloppy mechanics channel better. I'm leaving now.

  • noob5000000


     4 days ago

    12:11-12:17 that's how I got fired from my last job :(.

  • Jeff Brown

    Jeff Brown

     6 days ago

    love big block chevys..did my last one in aluminum youtube> twisted 615 .with pump gas NA.. first run just under 900hp. 775FPT but fits under my hood..going in my 92 Z28.(Fat Elvis). love the look of the blower..bad ass. had Dan Lemon headers make me a set for my car..$2300. spendy?...yes but ya got to spend the money to make the the time you guys get all the right parts and should be over sure...

  • jusvettec4


     6 days ago




     6 days ago +1

    You know you can add a little ( 1%-3%) nitro to this puppy!? And wake things up alittle!

  • broomsterm


     7 days ago

    The new Mustang makes 760 hp with a factory warranty. Cool motor, but it's so radical...

  • LuboPowerGame


     7 days ago

    10.3l compresor a no 1000hp+ ? 🤣

  • Nathan meurett life

    Nathan meurett life

     7 days ago

    Yall need to get some lessons on polishing

  • Deleted ions

    Deleted ions

     7 days ago

    10.3L engine 1000hp usa. Europe 2L engine 1000hp. Ford sierra sapphire cosworth drag car. Look that car up. Pure black beauty looks standard at the lights it fires like a bullet. Search.. "Ford sierra cosworth VS Funny car"

  • JavaThePuff


     7 days ago

    High five ✋

  • Ryan Lee Kinney

    Ryan Lee Kinney

     7 days ago

    Tell jken.. I love her and I really do remember her

  • Big Keg

    Big Keg

     7 days ago

    "Toast in Australia"
    Add Vegemite