TOP 10 BEST Got Talent Singers auditions EVER! With Complete Interview

  • Published on:  Tuesday, September 1, 2015
  • TOP 10 BEST Got Talent auditions EVER!
    I choose these songs on my personal point of view and it can be different from what you might have selected. So don't become Grumpy :P Thanks!
    Do let me know which one is better in your point of view.
    Enjoy! :)

    Alice Fredenham - My Funny Valentine - Britains Got Talent-2013 (00:00-08:10)
    Kevin Skinner - If Tomorrow Never Comes -America's Got Talent 2013
    Calum Scott - Dancing on my own - Britains Got Talent 2015
    David Fenley - Too Close - Americas Got Talent 2013
    Michael Collings - Fast car - Britain's Got Talent 2011
    Owen Campbell - Sunshine road -Australia's Got Talent 2012
    Ryan O'Shaughnessy - No Name - Britains Got Talent 2012
    Isaac Waddington - Always A Woman - Britain's Got Talent 2015
    Sam Kelly- Make You Feel My Love - Britains Got Talent 2012

    - Britain got talent
    -America Got Talent
    -Australia Got Talent
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  • bob cl

    bob cl

     an hour ago

    her valentine voice broke all over the place, sure sexy but not good

  • Mr Glenn

    Mr Glenn

     an hour ago +1

    Australian Judges have big and fragile egos. The man had real talent and they shut him out because they wanted him to be a but kisser. So weird.

  • Zixzero Slots

    Zixzero Slots

     2 hours ago

    Simon in love

  • jjrockjon


     3 hours ago

    reminds me of Nick Drake a little bit.

  • Kamel


     4 hours ago

    Judges are the ones with the ego problem, whether the guys an ass or not- he’s got talent- is kissing ass mandatory, apparently. I thought he was an ass but I thought the judges were far worse!

  • Solruna Jewelry Creations

    Solruna Jewelry Creations

     11 hours ago

    Calum Scott has such an incredible voice

  • Alejandro Mata

    Alejandro Mata

     12 hours ago

    I never seen such performance, so amazing performance,,,,,,,

  • cikan cikanproject

    cikan cikanproject

     15 hours ago

    That's why million cristian convert to ISLAM today! U see that not become like u hear from CHURCH or WEST MEDIA everydays. Lets shahadah... 'ASHADU ANLA ILLAHA ILALLAH, WA'ASHADU'ANNA MUHAMDA'RASULULLAH'.

  • Бабушка Batman

    Бабушка Batman

     15 hours ago

    Why is no one talking about the little boy that started crying during isaac waddington's performance. Я говорю и очень я люблю это выступление

  • Бабушка Batman

    Бабушка Batman

     15 hours ago

    Где брат плакал. самое лучшее

  • Бабушка Batman

    Бабушка Batman

     15 hours ago

    Лучше Путина никто не поет. простите меня заставили это пистаь аааааа ааааа Donnt ....

  • Kelly Kelleher

    Kelly Kelleher

     16 hours ago




     16 hours ago

    Trilha que começa aos 4:20

  • Miranda Terry

    Miranda Terry

     20 hours ago

    The one judge was way more of an ass then the contestant was!

  • Rios Zario

    Rios Zario


    never judge book by its cover, one the best performance ever.

  • Phyllis Kotrys

    Phyllis Kotrys



  • Vince Karmun

    Vince Karmun


    Dozens of times, tears every time. Bravo Alice

  • skully 10

    skully 10


    did you know this is all staged for ratings,they already know the outcome

  • Rocky River Outdoors

    Rocky River Outdoors


    Those judges may not have a clue what hes been through, and it's not only 3 people can make u. They just bn kissing to much ass...

  • Diego Leal

    Diego Leal


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    You make me smile with my heart
    Your looks are laughable
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    But don't change your hair for me
    Not if you care for me
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    Each day is Valentines day

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