The Invaluable Work of California’s Inmate Firefighters | The Daily Show

  • Published on:  Tuesday, November 5, 2019
  • Inmate firefighters are a vital part of keeping California’s wildfires under control, but they aren’t paid adequately or permitted to keep firefighting post-prison. Smokey Bear weighs in on the situation.


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  • Lup Domnitor

    Lup Domnitor

     20 minutes ago

    America was built on the foundation of discrimination.

  • CheaterCheater


     2 hours ago +1

    Who all thought Smokey was going to take off his head and be a hot woman. Lol

  • Altrantis


     7 hours ago

    Where I'm from, firefighters don't get paid anything even though they're not prisoners.

  • Paraplegic octopus

    Paraplegic octopus

     11 hours ago +1

    Those Smokey ads were fire!!.... Oh, shit, wait..

  • doom2avatar


     15 hours ago

    They can be firefighters. Not all systems have combined fire+EMT. There’s good reason to be skeptical of past criminal history for medics. There is a pile of strong narcotics sitting in ambulances and you have to trust the medics to not use or sell that.

  • Samantha Des Jardins

    Samantha Des Jardins

     17 hours ago

    When we had the fire in Napa, people of Napa were told not to talk to inmate fire fighters nor were they allowed to take refreshments citizens brought. I heard people being yelled at for thanking them.

  • Michael Robertson

    Michael Robertson

     18 hours ago

    Modern day slavery....its bullshit..

  • SillyNa Cannada

    SillyNa Cannada

     21 hours ago

    There’s no profit in ex cons being legit. That’s all it boils down to. Pun intended.

  • Saiyan ForLife

    Saiyan ForLife

     21 hours ago

    So where supposed to teach the inmates how to stand on their feet after they served their time. But when they get out and find a new passion, the people in charge say, no no choose something else, you know something that doesn't involve helping others. Screw that non sense. Being a paramedic myself, first responders are short staffed. Let them work a job that not many are willing to do.

  • derp herp

    derp herp

     22 hours ago

    Let California burn , this is self inflicted. They made their bed, let them burn in it.

  • E S

    E S


    I remember living in Marin Co CA til last Dec. Inmates from San Quentin rescued people in trouble on a small boat on SF bay in the AM one night

  • orry townes

    orry townes


    Plus Bear-Face?! Animalist!

  • Larissa D

    Larissa D


    That is some BS doing those inmates that way.

  • Merrick Gould

    Merrick Gould


    Yes from a firefighter

  • Chris Pontius

    Chris Pontius

     yesterday +1

    So America's economy is still based on slavery. What else is new?

  • Dawn alexander

    Dawn alexander

     yesterday +1

    Thank God for the inmates for being there on the front line they are true Hero's God Bless all the firefighters 🙏🙏

  • Carlo Jones

    Carlo Jones


    Make special forest firefighters unit where EMT's work not part of this job.
    So some convict wouldn't be medic's , picking the pocket of heart attack patients they're treating .
    Need more creative policy makers.
    If some professions were not so hard to get into many people wouldn't have turned to crime.
    In California you need a special certification for lots of thinks but some just to collect public money.

  • Icare



    The prisons is a money making machine that rely on inmates to return to the system, why else would they not grant a chance or change the rules once these guys have served their time....keep your feet on their necks all the way to the bank.

  • Ronny Simon

    Ronny Simon


    Why dont you address the issue of arson instead of blame global warming you asshole

  • Felicia Gardner

    Felicia Gardner


    As someone who live near where the carr fire was, I am so appreciative that inmates did this. I was extremely pissed when I learned avout this from a cal fire volunteer. I think they should help those that fought fires get into the program for certification if they want to. And they should get paid like anyone else to do it in jail.