10 Absurd Board Games That'll Take Your Party To The Next Level!

  • Published on:  Tuesday, July 23, 2019
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    Have you ever laughed sooo hard that sometimes you just pee a little? Well, brace yourselves because todays video is THAT FUNNY! If you're ready relax and enjoy some laughs with ya boi's then this video is for you! We're back and we're rating 10 board games that could take your party to the next level, DOPE or NOPE! Let us know which game was yo fav down below!!

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  • DOPE or NOPE

    DOPE or NOPE

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    hey gamer girlz and bois, please yodel in the comments to honor Matthias yodeling (5:22) for so long. Thnx.
    - lurkin Lis

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  • Dana Heath

    Dana Heath

     4 hours ago

    my 3 yr old brother looked at the screen and said "there's a monster" and I said "where?" . ...... then he pointed to tanner!😂😝

  • Cindy Barker

    Cindy Barker

     10 hours ago

    Cblank blank

  • Fish aquarium Aquatics

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    Rosemary Hawley

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    Why do u have mail polish on??

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    Blank? Ok ___

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    Anyone watching in 2020 anyone?

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  • Demon vs Angel

    Demon vs Angel

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    I would win the Canada one because I’m 🇨🇦

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    my morning wents pretty good:)

  • Yvonne Shi

    Yvonne Shi

     2 days ago

    I played floor is lava I now anymore

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    Now I’m gonna have the goats coming around tanner 2019

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