PART ONE: All Our Thoughts on the Michael Jackson HBO Documentary 'Escaping Neverland'

  • Published on:  Wednesday, March 6, 2019
  • Real fam, have you watched the HBO doc? If so, what are your thoughts?
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  • beth s

    beth s

     5 hours ago

    micheal jackson was a sick sick man

  • R. S.

    R. S.


    The comment section further proves the sheep society is, you can be a good singer but have your personal life, now one case may be true or initiated a possibility. He created his kids to be light skin too!!!

  • Kevin Ortega-Rojas

    Kevin Ortega-Rojas

     2 days ago

    When Wade testified in favor of Michael Jackson in 2003 he was an up and coming choreographer who didn’t want his career and his life ruined by this story. Michael had a lot of power and Wade wanted to grow and be successful. He had a lot on the line.

  • Kevin Ortega-Rojas

    Kevin Ortega-Rojas

     2 days ago

    Two accusers from different sides of the world with almost identical stories about their interactions with this grown ass man who switch one small blonde white boy best friend for another. Case closed.

  • Shaz Jazz

    Shaz Jazz

     3 days ago +1


  • Cassie Lea L

    Cassie Lea L

     6 days ago

    Loved the real and I have been a huge fan but I will not be watching anymore after this video. Disappointing. Once again everyone taking the predators side. What a shame!!!

  • Kerin Nessa

    Kerin Nessa

     7 days ago

    When I knew that this topic was going to be about Michael j, I decided to pass by to comment by saying he was stupid, evil, I hated him and his music and am not sorry to any one

  • Angel Nicole

    Angel Nicole

     7 days ago +1

    Y’all couldn’t even get the name right! Escaping Neverland?! 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Elizabeth Dunlap

    Elizabeth Dunlap

     7 days ago

    Wade Robinson Did ask for money when he first came out with this Now he changed and said its cause he has a son and his a father Yea right cause the Jackson family told him he not getting a dime from them

  • maya murphy

    maya murphy

     7 days ago

    can people not let a dead man rest? he was found not guilty 14 times but people still need to give those who have even admitted to lying the light of day.

  • grant.


     7 days ago +1

    Dude, if they were women, they’d be believed without hesitation.

  • Damo 007

    Damo 007

     7 days ago

    The Lies Of Leaving Neverland-

  • Aria k

    Aria k

     14 days ago +1

    There is hundreds of videos debunking evry word those 2 clowns said with prof and prof they are non trust worthy ppl / they are bankrupt and in debt / they are suing the family of a dead man for every thing they have and that's just fucked up how is that justice??

  • Mar Cen

    Mar Cen

     14 days ago

    It is true that children would share a bed with him in his bedroom, that is a fact. I can’t say if he molested them or not but it is just not normal behavior for a grown man (in his thirties, I think) to be saying that sharing a bed is most loving thing you can do with a child friend. Yes there is video evidence that is unedited out there if this happening and being said by Michael himself. Can we sit here and just change the topic to how dumb these parents must have been to allows this to happen to their children, yes. But that is not what we are focusing on. We’re focusing on the fact that a celebrity got away with developing a close relationship with children just because he was famous and had the money and means to do it. Imagine someone really famous that everyone likes, like Drake, goes to build a wonderland park and shared beds with little girls and boys. Could it be true that nothing was like molestation was not happening? Yes, but is it right for people to allow this to happen? No. He shouldn’t have been allowed to make this wonderland and pitch the idea that children would be sleeping over at his house. Could you imagine that someone says they want to build a park where children will play with him all day and will sleep at his house at night? Wouldn’t you have said that this is a horrible idea and looks bad, even if that’s not the intention?

    I don’t know if molestation actually happened but what I do know is that Neverland shouldn’t have ever been a thing to begin with. I have my opinion and you can have yours but nothing that you can say will make me change my mind on the fact that Neverland was just a weird idea that shouldn’t have been a thing to begin with.

  • yamom saidican

    yamom saidican

     14 days ago


  • Peace Maker

    Peace Maker

     14 days ago

    Michael Jackson was a Legend! The Man passed away. What’s the point of coming out with these accusations when He had already passed. This is one sided story. The Man can’t even defend himself against these accusations. Please have Marcy and have some respect for the dead one and let him REST IN PEACE.🙏

  • Jonny B

    Jonny B

     14 days ago

    Watch any of the rebuttals (not just a talk show) on the film. It's TOTAL bullshit. All of it.

  • LaToyia Hillary

    LaToyia Hillary

     14 days ago +2


  • Jazmine Youngie Beltran

    Jazmine Youngie Beltran

     14 days ago

    AS KIDS they said they weren't harrased. AS INNOCENT AND HONEST KIDS they denied the accusations. And now that they COULD be grown up scumbags, they come back and tell people that they were harassed and kept on repeating "he did this, he did that" in a one whole movie again and again while the person that they said who ABUSED them was proven innocent and not guilty. I am not supporting MJ because he's famous or what. But MAYBE they're doing this to MJ because he is famous. Get it together people.



     21 days ago
    Please watch this video before judging Michael